Why they weren’t there (VPR)

May 20, 2022

Jax and Britt didn’t tell stassi and beau
they weren’t going to the wedding until
24 hours before.. they made up all
these different excuses about Cruz’s
passport and Brits mom not being able
to come. I guess Jax was telling
Schwartz and others for over a month
before that they were not going, and
was messaging in a group chat about
doing celeb golf tournament not
knowing beau was in the chat.


  1. Mistress at Sur

    I love to see the downfall of homophobes <3

    • momo


    • JC

      Yup! Love to see it!

  2. SEB

    Let’s be real here; there is no way they could have afforded that trip! Terrible friends; should have just been honest to begin with.

  3. Cc

    I wonder what celebrity Jax got paired with.

    • Lele

      It looked like Johnny Damon in Jax’s stories.

  4. He broke

    Just say you can afford it Jax.

  5. Kate

    Idk I think what Stassi wrote in her book hurt some feeling. Judging Brittney for drinking a “Venti frap and a million sweet teas” caused some friction. Brittany was embarrassed at the dinner and then Stassi decided to embarrass her again in her book knowing how self conscious she was about the pregnancy weigh.

    • Kryssssss

      Wait what?! I didn’t read her book and refuse to but what is this?!

    • Titsmcgee

      WTF that was in her book?!?!

      • GossipySprinterVan

        From her book: “I cringed the one time I dished it out, because I felt like such a Karen, because it was over something so dumb. I was at dinner with Brittany one night, and I noticed in her Instagram Stories earlier that day that she had a venti Starbucks Frappuccino, and then at dinner she was ordering a million sweet teas. So I said something along the lines of ‘You know, Brittany you really need to watch your caffeine intake, especially since you’re not out of your first trimester.’ What a judgy a**crack. Why did I feel the need to say that?” wrote Schroeder.

        So she decided to re-embarrass her.

    • Julie

      Stassi was referring to all the caffeine in those drinks. It had nothing to do with Britany ‘s weight.

  6. Pay your taxes

    Jax is using all these excuses to save face from everyone knowing he can’t leave the country due to unpaid back taxes. Allegedly

  7. Rachel

    Wasn’t his passport revoked by the IRS? No way he could’ve gone anyway

  8. Mamak

    I read somewhere that Jax’s passport was expired and since he owes the IRS over a million he can’t get it renewed…allegedly

  9. Beer cheese is trash

    Jax texting about someone who is in the group text is the most Jax thing ever.

  10. karllllllll

    jax has always been a shit friend. if its not about him hes he wont go, brit got sucked into the crap and now is the same as jax, super unfortunate since they and most always stuck by his crazy

  11. SurvingTea

    I was told by someone close to them that they weren’t invited to Italy after they made cuts.

    • HereForTheT

      Stassi and Beau talked about this on their Patreon and they were invited. They even gave them multiple “outs” and Jax and Britt always insisted they were going, only to text them hours before the flight left saying they couldn’t go

  12. Stassi

    Rawt in hayyyllll, Jax!


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