The OG & the Southern belle….

May 20, 2022

The OG housewife’s team def heard from The southern belle’s team that her initial reaction was that their friend did it for fraud and the southern belle didn’t believe the burglary was real. But she wouldn’t say it on camera. The OG was trying to get her to admit it but no dice. Allegedly.


  1. Bravolovingsincedayone

    Kyle & Sutton!

  2. Alina

    Yes Kyle, we all thought the same thing! Some still do!

  3. Friend

    This is exactly what I thought about K and Suttons dialogue

    • Shady30A

      I mean same! It definitely seemed like Sutton wasn’t saying the thing Kyle wanted her to say. ? this season is already starting messy. I don’t know if there is enough champagne to make it through! ?

  4. Southernbellfan

    Kyle is so shady!! Pretty sure Sutton learned her lesson from last year. She wasn’t going there again. As much as Kyle tried to it out of her.

    Sutton, Kyles not your friend girl!!

  5. Vyle

    I feel like we’re finally seeing the real Kyle. The way she was snarking at Sutton in the store seemed like she let the veil down for a moment.

    • Kat

      Kyle always stirs the pot and runs lol

  6. Where were the tears???

    Worst acting job I’ve ever seen by Dorit and PK!

  7. M

    Most of us are thinking the same thing …FRAUD! Oh, and Kyle sucks.

  8. AKN

    Kyle and Sutton. Why would they only steal purses and watches ? No jewelry ? Seems a tad questionable also. Regardless Kyle is not Suttons friend. As we see in previews Kathy is using the same tone with Kyle when she’s trying to get her to admit something on camera.

    • Mauricio

      We all think the same thing as Sutton. Security cameras off, her kids not sleeping with her even though she admitted they sleep with her 100% of the time, Dorit talking about buying everything retail on air for insurance purposes ?

  9. L Stephens

    If you watch the video of the “smash & grab” the gate is already open??????

  10. Come on

    How do you not know how to set an alarm to “stay” when you have a multi million dollar home? ???

  11. L

    Seriously feels so fake. Sutton doesn’t need to say it for Kyle anyone with two brain cells should be able to put that together. It’s sketch. Why can’t Kyle say it? Gate wide open, police report says not a word about guns, purses watches no jewelry. No security system on when house is live on MLS and your husband is in another country? Film the night it happened? Leave your kids alone? Straight from LAX to filming for PK? No girl. That’s clear as day.

    • Grace

      100% agree it’s a set up! Dorit leaves her home to film at Kyles dinner party the same day it happened? And PK goes straight from airport to Kyle’s house? They only steel purses and watches?Come on! Horrible acting also. I’ve been robbed and I didn’t leave my house for weeks socially.

  12. Kim Richards

    A Couple months later a bunch of PKs debts are paid off ??‍♀️

  13. I’m Team Nobody

    Regardless of what did/didn’t happen, for someone to act as if they are at a higher level of manners and decorum, Sutton portrays herself as rude and insensitive. For 2 seasons I’m asking myself who likes her and why. I think she try’s and sell herself as “saying what everyone else is thinking”, but she should be following “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Granted, they could all follow this, but the fact that she acts as if she’s better than the rest of them because she’s from the South rubs me the wrong way.

  14. Johnny4eva

    I will say- if that’s true, Dorit is a way better actress than Amber Heard just saying….


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