He should move…

May 20, 2022

This ex nfl star might want to consider moving. The cheating on family vacation with his friends wife is the tip of the iceberg. All of Nashville is coming out of Nashville woodwork to spill what they know on this scumbag. Allegedly.


  1. MK

    Wasn’t it also speculated that he hooked up with Kristins bff when they were filming her show about Uncommon James?

    • BT

      Sure was!

    • Nooop

      Kelly has repeatedly denied this, and tbh I don’t believe it

      • Heather

        This isn’t beed people have said he’s a d*ck since he was in the NFL. Then how we saw him on the show. None of this should be new for a surprise

    • Coldkristin

      Yep! And that’s why the marriage ended.

    • Stevaaaaaannnnnnn

      Omg yesssssss! I remember this!!! She and Kristin were tight and then boom she was no where around KC. After all these rumors I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s always come across like a major douche knuckle

    • Brie

      Yes! I think it was her friend Kelly. And I remember Kelly posting photos that appeared to have Jays arm and bracelets in them.

      • MessyBoots

        Yasss we’ve seen Kristin make a press release about less so the fact she didn’t really comment on her friend meant there was fire for sure

  2. E

    He lives in Montana

    • Annie

      He does not live in Montana. He lives in the county next to mine in Tennessee.

  3. jules

    Im surprised his douche-baggery has been under wraps for so long. But maybe that was KC’s doing because she doesnt like to get messy.

    • LMD

      Just look at his Instagram- such an entitled d bag!!!

  4. Jillian

    Yes, Kelly Henderson! Im not sure I believe that actually happened. Also, Kelly and K arent friends anymore because of this. Jay would hang with Kelly after his separation too so whooooo knows!

  5. Yuck

    He’s not even attractive.

  6. Nash Resident

    You have to think though, it’s not just him. Kristin and the kids have also put down roots here and like living here. They have their friends here, so while it sucks for him it’s also not fair that they have to pick up and move because of him

    • DaBears

      100% this. Not to mention he isn’t the kind to care what others think so…

  7. JK

    These old players bein’ just ….. old
    players lol!!!!
    No news here..


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