Footballer IS crying a river…

May 20, 2022

tra*** (ti***** best friend)
****e and have been close friends for years. he lives next to their kids are really close friends… t**** invited ja to the bahamas on his family trip and caught fucking his wife

it’s NEXT level disgusting


  1. Lisa

    The wife isn’t exactly innocent in all this.

  2. Friend of

    I have personally known Trace since I was 19. He has been cheated on by Elisha Cuthbert and Joanna Garcia. Caught Joanna on their security cameras with a costar. So sad…poor guy can’t catch a break and picks bad women.

    • Devil’s advocate

      Maybe he sucks in bed. It takes two to make a relationship work.

      • Really No

        Wtf… there’s never an excuse to cheat on your husband and father of your kids. If you’re not happy you leave

    • JA

      He’s obviously got a bad picker!!

      • TB

        Picker or pecker

    • With My Own Eyes

      I personally witness him being totally scummy after a fashion show and trying to get the girls at the hotel shit faced to go upstairs with him. I’m pretty sure this was when he was dating his now wife. Also, he’d get angry when they weren’t showing him enough attention or weren’t receptive to his very aggressive advances.

  3. Steph

    Who is this about? I’m lost here.

    • JamiePNW

      It’s about Jay Cutler and Trace Ayala, who is Justin Timberlake childhood best friend. Trace and Jay are neighbors, Trace invited Jay on vacation and while on said vacay, Trace caught Jay screwing his wife.


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