Bennifer seems to be happening…

May 20, 2022

Apparently this has been on the books for months, very hush hush, even the higher profiles guests have used fake names to book services, etc. So the likelihood is this is not a short engagement and Bennifer has been. engaged/planning it since winter. On the slim off chance it’s NOT Bennifer it would have to be someone equally important/famous. And even this big rarely stays this locked down unless it’s for a BIG celeb. They used to have million dollar National GOP fundraisers there and it wasn’t even this locked down for that. County law enforcement has been by the private airport the last few days keeping people out and directing traffic. Of course the one time I’m not home visiting something exciting happens!



  1. Jess

    With this description, all I can envision is the lawyer trying to track down Melanie Smooter to tell her she never got divorced in Sweet Home Alabama…

    • Candice Bergen


    • Mary

      I just spit my coffee out laughing at this! Love it!

  2. Noelle

    Could it be Britney? Didn’t they say they are getting married but not sharing the date, semi-trying to make it public knowledge? If JLo is staying nearby, then I suspect that’s more likely. Throwing out another name as an alternate possibility, for someone equally in the public eye.

    • Britney B*tch

      Good thought!

    • Jess

      I feel like the level of security could be Britney, but I don’t see that location for them.

  3. Not a JLo fan

    The local airport hasn’t had any flights come in from Cali. You would think there would be a lot coming in.


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