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Spill It to So the woman who had “emotional affair” w that was talked about this season is having a field day on her Instagram about the breakup news. I saw you reposted a couple slides. Some info on her… she was on Bad girls Club, She was also on Big Ang’s show, the Drunken Monkey I think it was called, where Ang opened a bar in Miami, M. was on there acting like she was better then everyone hahaha. She tells everyone he was obsessed with her and she dumped him which is the only reason he stayed w L Oh also… a while back she cheated w – Bri’s fiancé Sam while they were together! Yes can you imagine?! I think that’s out there and it’s all true. Also dated fashion designer Fp Pin! She also dated Die Je: ex billionaire husband, the investment banker after or during their divorce.

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