Tres Hermanas…

May 18, 2022

From: Sister Fighting

Subject: Tres Hermanas

Spill It to These west coast sisters are having a falling out again after one was accused of saying some nasty stuff to an entertainer. Allegedly one of the sisters didn’t have her back like her real sister would

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  1. Paris Hilton

    Kathy, Kyle, and Kim.

  2. HBT

    Kathy and Kyle. How is Kim anymore of a “real” sister though. Aren’t Kim and Kyle full sisters while Kathy is a half-sister (different dads)?

    • Kim Richards

      I think it was Kathy who said something nasty about Kyle. Thus Kim is the real or full blood sister that maybe had her back???? Who knows. I don’t think Kathy Hilton is as and silly as she appeared on TV. She’s just so rich and used to getting her way all the time.

      • Nana

        Worth reading House of Hilton for a wacky bio on the sisters…..there mom was “a piece of work”/kris Jenner of her era …… it’s messy

    • Bravoholic

      This is a bit of an ignorant thing to say.. When you have a family like this as do I, you don’t look at your sibling like they are half .. You love each other the same as if you were full blooded siblings. This is such an archaic way of thinking . Not ever have the Richard’s sisters alluded that they are half sisters and made it a thing ..

  3. Karen

    Kathy and Kyle and the DJ in Aspen.

  4. When will Kathy be canceled?

    If it wasn’t for the cameras Kyle would have had Kathy’s back but because cameras are rolling, Kyle knows she can’t be seen approving Kathy’s behavior. We all know Kathy expects full loyalty so it’s no surprise they are not on good terms right now. We will never get to see the true characters they are. The only way to truly know their personality, there would have to be hidden cameras in their homes.

    • You go girl

      I agree; however Kyle gets as close to her true self as she can considering all aspects of her life and who she WANTS to be. I agree Kathy puts on a real good show on film, too, and there’s so much more behind the scenes.


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