Rumors in the Hills…

May 18, 2022

So you’re saying it’s not out of the question?! this source always gets to the bottom of it for us….

Ok…. I meaaannnnnn can we talk about the foursome. BH – I don’t have anything confirmed yet but it’s weird and all the sudden the four are best friends **** This is just rumor and not any fact but my friend that has worked with **** on some home design and art **** always thought something interesting was going on with the four of them. But I will not say fact because I don’t know. But i really didn’t watch the show that much and now I’m like dying for these clues. Last season..t and a weren’t that close were they?? Something happened.

Oh and it’s not even fact so I’m sure you won’t post but I’d you do- leave our **** She would kill me
*out. My autocorrect sucks




  1. Stop

    They’re just friends this is silly

    • Camille

      Yes and they’ve always been good friends

    • Not happening

      Kyle is way too protective and possessive of her marriage to do something like that. This seems like a rach

  2. Anon

    Now I think it’s true cause Erika at WWHL said they’d prob be down for a 5 some lowkey when they asked who she would rather have a 3 some with

    • Not Even a Dorit Fan

      Yeah, Erika was playing into the gossip. I don’t believe this. They have been close for a while. You can see how naturally they get along (including the husbands). What’s real tea anymore?

  3. Head scratcher

    Idk I feel like they all got close after the LVP incident. PK and Mo obviously like to smoke together and joke aroundl. Also both their wives are super drama queens.
    Although remember when Erika accused Kyle and Teddi of being weirdly close? Maybe they do have a thing but it just seems odd to me.

    • You Never Know

      Part of me feels like, can’t friends just be close friends anymore?! Then again the people that swap partners or swing, you’d never think they’d be that type. So who really knows. Although it’s no secret that Kyle is jealous AF. Hollywood is a weird place so ??‍♀️

  4. Andrea

    lots of smoke for no fire. Hollyweird is crazy I believe it lol

  5. Jessica

    I would tend to not believe this as Kyle seems overprotective of her marriage, but an Insta account posted about 10+ submissions from people claiming to know people Mo has slept with. Toronto was mentioned quite often.

  6. M

    Did you not see Dorit kiss Mo’s shoulder and snuggle her face into him? I don’t do that to my married guy friends.


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