NASCAR divorce ….

May 18, 2022

My mother is the office manager for a company that does work on their house here in North Carolina. It is on Lake Norman which is right outside of Charlotte. Multiple of my mother’s male employees have asked not to work at their home due to her extreme flirtation and making them uncomfortable even after they have politely declined her sexual advances and stated they are married. It has gotten to the point where my mother can only send another female out to their home for any services they need completed.



  1. Not Joe Francis


    • Nosey Nellie

      It’s Ashley Busch divorcing Kurt

    • QueenB

      Kurt Busch’s wife…

    • Hereforitall

      Jordan Fish? Denny Hamlin

      • Brit

        Jordan and Denny have been broken up for almost a year and don’t even live in the same house anymore. Kurt and Ashley are getting divorced but it’s definitely not because of something like this…

    • Hate the Buschs’

      Kurt Busch and his wife Ashley. The Busch brothers are complete a-holes. They’re from Vegas and thought they were better than everyone. Moved up through NASCAR and treated so many like crap. Kyle is a known cheater and Kurt probably cheated too.

  2. Whoa

    Wow, way to out your mom!

    • ohdear

      Yes Mum will be out of a job!

    • WOW

      My thoughts exactly. They provided so much detail that someone could easily google that shit.

  3. Brit

    Just an fyi….if this text is talking about Kurt and Ashely, it sounds like something Kurt would accuse Ashley of doing, but not something Ashley would actually do. If you google Kurt and his former fiance Patricia, you’ll read things that rival the Depp/Heard trail as far as the accusations against each other. They actually had a trial because of all the bizarre stuff they did to each other. Patricia was pretty “out there”, but Kurt is right up there with the crazy things he did. Oh, and if this is true about the girls mom working in the office, she wont be much longer. But I think this is coming more from Kurt and his paranoia.


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