Naked gold diggers new man!

May 18, 2022


From: A C

Subject: Naked gold digger

Spill It to Bravoand
MKE new boyfriend is STL business man, former owner of ‘block that) that sold for $22 mil in 2012. Recent divorcee 2021 and has like 7 kids. Lots of talk around the town.

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  1. Stl tea is my favorite tea

    Refreshes page every 30 seconds ?

    • STL sleuth

      Shipworks? Brian or Wes?!?

      • Julie

        Brian, she follows him on insta

      • Over her

        But that was in 2014 right?

  2. Titsmcgee

    MKE is just embarrassing at this point

    • Margot


  3. jules

    ugh. I want to root for MKE but she makes it so hard.

  4. Curious cat

    How are men so into her?!

    • Poco Loco Mama

      Most men love “crazy” women. Or so they think. Until they see just how “crazy” she actually is. For MOST men, there is a scale that goes up at an equal rate to the level of crazy. If she’s a little crazy, they love the woman a small amount. If she is a lot crazy, they fall even more madly in love with them. There is a fine line between what is acceptable form of crazy and where the line is drawn. At least, this is what I have seen with most men anyway. Hope this helps. ?

      • sipsiptea

        she adapts her personality to whoever she is seeing…look how fun and spontaneous I am….she seems to forget the 3 kids and how this effects them. They are both at fault in their child rearing and what they have exposed them to. It’s sad.

  5. Ramona

    Omgggg . Who is heee . 7 kids ! Sounds like it’s going to last <3

  6. Suck it Jim Edmonds

    Good for MKE! Jim was a douche! She deserves happiness.

  7. Support All Women

    I don’t agree with the gold digger comment. How is she a gold digger?

    Who here can say they are actively searching for a poor guy? Having standards is not immoral

    • Sarah

      Exactly. Let her live her life. I would not say she’s even close to crazy either. Moves a bit fast in relationships, but not crazy.

  8. sipsiptea

    his name is Trevor….from New Orleans


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