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Show Notes:

Miami Tea

B and Amanda talk Real Housewives of Miami – this season, the Housewives, and rumors about one of the RHOM Housweives and her husband that have now been confirmed to be true after B & Amanda recorded this episode. They end the episode dissecting and discussing a blind item submitted about one of the Housewife franchises…


TRANSCRIPT: Episode 2 of the Cocktails and Gossip Podcast

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B (00:31):

I can’t think of that many reality stars that would put what on screen, which she put this season. The ex-husband, I mean, he passed away. Everyone knew he was gay after their marriage. It came out when they, whatever it is. So I wasn’t shocked by that because that’s like, Hey, listen, that storyline fell in her lap. Why not use it? But when she put her son’s viewing with her soon to be husband, now he’s her husband. I was like, wow, she’s got guts. Welcome to cocktails and gossip to podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and a B.

Amanda (01:14):

And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea B. There is so much talk going on about real houses in Miami. So what’s what’s happening.

B (01:29):

Okay. I wanna be clear. <Laugh> the things that I get. They can be rumors. They can be gossip. Okay. Alleged, alleged, allegedly, always with that said the couple currently in the news, I know we all saw this week that there was a big scandal involving the husband. When I was, when they were filming last season, I actually got a ton of Intel and I posted this since they weren’t on TV. I feel like it wasn’t as relevant. Right. So my followers know my fol, like, you know, my, my people knew, but when I not just this week, like I’ve been hearing things the last few weeks and it was picked up in some papers, you know, legit and <laugh> things are open.

Amanda (02:19):

So like, this is like a known thing about this couple.

B (02:24):

Oh yeah. Okay. There’s a lot of different stories and a lot of rumors and we obviously don’t know what’s true, but you hear that they’re friends with escorts. Okay. You hear that they’re at their parties are the escorts, the owners of the, of the alleged escort business. They’re like all attending their parties. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, you know, people have sent me and different people have sent me that the couple invites, you know, other women into their bed, all kinds of stuff. So, you know, I posted a lot of it, happy scrolling on Bravo and <laugh> newcomers. But around the time they were filming, I got a lot of this, their parties. And it was always like suspicious people in the nose say that it’s an open situation or it was, you know, and those things sort of change in relationships, I guess, especially when you have children, but it was an open relationship

Amanda (03:22):

And no judgment, right? Like, I mean, whatever people do behind closed doors, I think is their, a business I’m fully, like, I think never

B (03:30):

Blows your hair back. As long as

Amanda (03:31):

It’s legal escorts should be legal. Like yes. And they are. And I think a lot of states, but like, again, who cares, honestly, there’s no judgment, not for me. And I don’t think from you, right?

B (03:44):

Absolutely not.

Amanda (03:45):

So I was actually asking B this morning because I read something on some blog that there was a whole situation that went down at the club where this person, and then another of the Housewives of Miami were at the club and saw the first Housewives husband out on a date with somebody else. Or there was a confrontation. I don’t know. What’s the story

B (04:14):

Drinks were thrown. Listen, it’s been published in several outlets. I mean, and there’s more rumors to that. One of them being that the mistress was recently linked to Brody Jenner. Like imagine the crossover, like the Hills and the house eyes of who would have funk. It <laugh>, this is what we’re hearing. Then I got this really Amanda really crazy. Apparently the mistress, right? We’re gonna call it a mistress. Some people call another a girlfriend. I’m like, you can have a girlfriend. If you’re married, it’s a mistress. She was married. And so she got married abroad. She’s from abroad. She’s from Europe. Her husband was working in Europe. In any event, they got married and one weekend she like left for a Miami trip and she never came home. <Laugh>

Amanda (04:57):


B (04:59):

Yeah. The

Amanda (04:59):

Weird that’s one way to end a relationship. <Laugh> yeah.

B (05:03):

And then like the other weird part of it is the couple mixed up in this. They both follow the mistress on Instagram, right? So they’re both following or they were, you know, at the time that this broke and her husband well, or showed to be X, whatever he is. So the couple knows, not just the mistress, but also mutually knows the mistress and the husband. So, you know, this is all brand new. This is all coming in. Like, this is like how off pressing

Amanda (05:30):

Right now? Yeah.

B (05:31):

It’s a very tangled web of drama that I know my followers will help me untangle intense guys. Let’s get to work <laugh> but so what I’m hearing and like, this makes me sad because first of all, I mean, Amanda, how good was Miami? They never should have canceled it. And these girls they’re really friends. Okay. And if they’re not friends, they’re really fo like this is real relationships. Okay. It’s real drama. These women show it all. I love that they break into Spanish, mid conversation. It is, it is everything. I mean, you’re in Miami, they’re all gorgeous. And they have these beautiful homes and yes,

Amanda (06:09):

City real estate, the like no

B (06:12):

Money. They have your drama. I’m really into it. Okay.

Amanda (06:15):

I agree. I totally agree. And I like the new, like, I really like the group that they have love. I think

B (06:22):

I love

Amanda (06:24):


B (06:24):

Two. I don’t love we’ll get, well, I guess we’ll get to that after.

Amanda (06:27):

Yeah, I, yes. But so back to this whole other story, I don’t, is there anything else, like, is this is this, I think this is a situation where like one relationship might be ending and then the other, what what’s happening?

B (06:41):

Ding, ding, ding. Oh, so what I’m hearing is that the wife is like, I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know, but I hear like, she’s like, okay, with the cheat here and there, because she, like, it’s a thing. They have an open marriage they happen in. And if she doesn’t feel like hopping in, she’s not the end of the world. If she’s not, there is what I hear.

Amanda (06:58):


B (06:59):

However, this isn’t cheating. So the husband is choosing this woman over his wife.

Amanda (07:09):


B (07:09):

Like buying gifts, very expensive gift watches, jewelry, a hundred thousand dollars. A matter of fact, after this story was published in, and I forget which newspaper, but it was, you know, really published in the paper that the wife and one of her castmates spotted them. And there were drinks thrown the next night, which was last night, I get a picture sent to me from carbon Miami. The husband is with a woman.

Amanda (07:44):

And for anybody who doesn’t know carbon, like that’s not where you take somebody you’re trying to hide. Like there’s paparazzi there. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative> like, it is very public. It is a very sceney. It is like the place. So that was so wait this, so he takes the girlfriend slash mistress to carbon the night after the club confrontation.

B (08:10):


Amanda (08:11):


B (08:11):


Amanda (08:12):

That’s not a good thing.

B (08:13):

The night after the club confrontation went public. I’m unclear if the confrontation was a, but yes. So it, so the story was printed and then that night he was at a very popular, as you say, paparazzi filled restaurant with the mistress.

Amanda (08:28):


B (08:29):

And like the really sad thing is as per Insta stories, it was their son to the wife and his sons like school concert. Yeah. So like, I just, you know, the wife has not made a statement. He has, he’s made a denial. Which to your point, why are you at such a public place? Why was he allegedly at such a public place?

Amanda (08:52):

That’s a pretty story

B (08:54):

Line. Is it possible that this is a storyline? Absolutely. Anything is possible. It just seems an odd choice.

Amanda (09:01):

I think it’s a pretty public like, yeah. That’s a very way. That’s a way to say something without saying any words, it’s a pretty like purposeful act. It sounds like you that’s, like I said, that’s not the place you go. If you’re trying to hide a relationship, that’s the last place you go.

B (09:20):

And what a lot of my followers said to me, like, as I was posting this stuff, like in my DMS was like, they feel, and as a viewer, I can cosign that. He was so mean to her on camera. Like just, okay. Mean may not be the like, apathy is almost worse than mean, right. Like he just was, so he was there, but he was totally unengaged and couldn’t have cared about dismissive. Yeah. And you know, so I was honestly the, the old Miami I hadn’t re-watched and I just saw her in the news. And so people become characters right. When you don’t hear their voice and see their lives and whatever. And so I, I remember posting all this when they were filming. And then when it came out, I remember being like, she’s so likable, like, first of all, she’s beautiful and she’s adorable.

B (10:08):

And she’s a, seems to be a great mom. And she’s got this fun spunky personality. I remember they were having a fight at the table in Miami. And one of the women, I think it was Dr. Nicole, by the way, I love Marisol also icon her mother. I love that. She’s like totally taking on mama else’s persona. Like, ah, it’s amazing. So Marisol was saying that Dr. Nicole was fake and had said stuff. And so Lisa says something like, all right, well, she didn’t know me. I don’t care. And they were all like, looking at her, like you’re supposed to be mad. Like this is the new girl we’re trying to yeah. You know, shut her out. She was like, no, that’s fine. Like if I just, so I don’t remember exactly what she said, but the vibe was like, listen, if I just saw me with my big boobs and my cute little body, I think the same thing. But now that you know me, you don’t think that. Right. And Dr. Nicole’s like, no, I think you’re great. She’s like, all right, there you go.

Amanda (11:02):

<Laugh>. Yeah. And

B (11:03):

Then I remember thinking like, what a cool girl, like I would hang out with her, like, she’s cool. You know? So I

Amanda (11:08):

Dunno. Cause she you’re so right. She could’ve gone totally the other way. And like, how did you not know me? And like, how would you say something to me? Because I was here first, you know, there’s that, there’s that whole vibe that, yes. I don’t love on any of the house wide shows, like, cuz it kind of, to me points out the dynamic that sometimes people are cast versus like people are just real friends and like, I mean, I’m just gonna say it, like I want them to be real friends because I think it just makes it so much more fun to watch and more genuine,

B (11:45):

More authentic. And

Amanda (11:46):


B (11:47):

Listen, a viewer can tell a real emotion versus a produced emotion. Right? Yeah. So these women really go back and even Nicole who is new to the cast, she knows them. You know what I mean? Like they’re, it is they’re from the same mm-hmm <affirmative> area. They run in the same circles and she knows them. And this reboot has been in the works for a long time. And I’m sure a lot of names were, have gone around, have come and have gone. And I’m sure Marisol and Alexa probably wanted different people. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and so Dr. Nicole got picked and she’s a doctor mm-hmm, <affirmative> a, doctor’s a doctor. So like she’s a badass, you know? And I think what I really loved was Lisa just being like, no, I like you, like now that we know each other, I don’t care about any of that stuff.

B (12:35):

Like we’re friends. And I just, I don’t know. I loved that vibe from her. And so I say all that to say all this stuff you’re hearing, it just makes me feel, it makes me feel bad to hear she’s devastated. Like I, in my heart, I’m like, I hope it’s a storyline. I either hope it’s all BS and they just laugh while as they lay in bed together and read it. Or I hope that she’s okay with it falling apart and like they’re moving on. And it’s a different chapter of her life. Like to hear she’s devastated her to me because she seems like a good person, you know? And I’m not a fan of his I what I’ve seen. I just feel like, and well,

Amanda (13:11):

I also think like if him being dismissive of her, like, I don’t think, I, I think bill and Jen on real Housewives of New Jersey have a similar, not similar relationship. That’s not what I’m saying, but like the

B (13:27):

Vibe, his

Amanda (13:28):

Practice benefits from her being on the show. And I think absolutely this other couple is in the same situation and for him to be dismissive of her and the things that she has done to get that, his name out there, like that can’t be ignored. Right. So yeah, I agree. I just, you know, like I just wanna see like the best for, for all of them. And I think like there’s a couple of things I actually wanted to get your opinion on. So Mari solo, who I absolutely love, like she is hilarious to me. I want like, I’m so mad though. Cause like I want her and Nicole to be fr like, I don’t understand it. Can we talk about why like what the deal is with that dynamic?

B (14:18):

So the way I see it is, and I liked when it was very sad because it was when Alexia’s mom passed and they all went to whose house was it? Dr. Nicole’s house? I think it was Dr. Nicole’s house. I could be wrong, but whose ever house, it was beautiful house. They like totally bonded. And they were like, this is nonsense. And then the reunion, they kind of went back, I think from Marisol. I think that Marisol is the sort of person who doesn’t trust anybody. She hasn’t known since like 20 years ago. So, and she says that she’s like, I don’t know you like that. Whereas Nicole, I think feels like we do know each other Marisol’s version of knowing is like Alexia, like Marisol has soldiers. Okay. So for her it’s like, I know these people and even if we fight, I know them for 20 years. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> okay. So I just think it’s, I just think it’s gonna take time. I definitely think they’re both strong women and I love both of them. So when they were feuding, I remember posting like being like positive Nicole’s stuff, positive Marial stuff. Like how could these two not be friends, but right. I think it’ll come around. They’ll put a new girl in on next season and they’ll unite and they’ll go against the new girl.

Amanda (15:33):

I totally agree. And then like, there’s this, like we were talking about that vibe of like the old versus new, but like I think some of the new cast is really like, I think Julia is really interesting.

B (15:46):

I love that. There’s our, our first lesbian couple on the real Housewives and her wife is like the most famous or one of the most famous right. Tennis players of all time. I love Julia. I love her free vibe. I think she’s, I mean, her life story is shocking. Yeah. I mean, when that came out, I was, you know, about her child passing and then like her ex’s family was so powerful and it’s a very dark, quite frankly scary story. Yeah. And, and the fact that she’s was able to create this new life. It just shows the resilience of women. Honestly, mm-hmm <affirmative> that she was able to create this new life and go on to have daughters and a wife and build this happy, beautiful life is a Testament to how strong we are as women. Because I don’t know too many men who could have done that.

Amanda (16:40):

<Laugh> I love her whole juxtaposition too. Like she’s milking a freaking goat and

B (16:46):

Then model.

Amanda (16:47):

And then she’s li she’s living this glamorous beautiful house and she’s Bo and she’s like equally comfortable in both. And like, I like that about her because of like, that is so many women, you know, that is reality. We’re not all like constantly done up all the time. And like, but we like it. We like to be done up. We like to be, you know, like on ATVs in the dirt or looking goats or whatever it is. So I love that about that

B (17:16):

Means of being a woman. I mean, it is, you know, we’re all so many different things. And I think Amanda, that’s such a great point. And I think that’s why I like Miami so much because they really show all their colors. Right. They don’t sometimes you only see like an angle of a person in these shows. And I like that Miami, they get, I mean the fight between Todd and Peter, by the way, Peter follows me on Instagram and his account was, I mean, how gorgeous is he? Is he older? Is he old enough for us, us to say that? Yeah. He’s like 24, right?

Amanda (17:50):

I think so. Oh.

B (17:52):

And his account was hacked and he like tagged me cuz he’s high. And he sees that my name is Bravo. So he probably thinks I’m Bravo and he, me and he is like, can you please repose this appreciated? I’m like learning with me. But like the realness that Alexia shows with her sons, I mean Frankie’s accident and how far he’s come and God bless him and all the progress he’s made. And then she’s got this wonderful man who also is like, your son needs to grow up.

Amanda (18:25):

Yeah. And

B (18:26):

It’s like this real life stuff. And so many, I mean, I can’t think of that many reality stars that would put what on screen, which she put this season. Yeah. Ex-Husband the ex-husband. I mean he passed away. Everyone knew he was gay after their marriage. It came out when they it’s, whatever it is. So I wasn’t shocked by that because that’s like, Hey, listen, that storyline fell in her lap. Why not use it? Mm-Hmm <affirmative> but when she put her son feuding with her soon to be husband, now he’s her husband. I was like, wow, she’s she’s got guts because you know, that can go either way. I mean, that could have went left on camera and they could have split on camera and her mother was sick and we saw that like, she’s just, she’s a rockstar Alexia. She’s a rock star. And did you, did you see cocaine, Cowboys?

Amanda (19:19):

I didn’t need to watch that. You have to watch. I did not

B (19:23):

Her ex so in a shock to nobody Peter and Frankie’s father was gorgeous. Drop dead.

Amanda (19:32):

I mean, and

B (19:33):

Oh my God, crossover, Jose Conseco. And you know, he’s sort of like my, my friend, I live for Bravo, always shout out to my girl, Sarah. She always posts the Jose Conseco memes, cuz he’s a real trip. And he’s like obsessed with aro, which was like,

B (19:52):

So he like post these crazy things. So Jose Conseco was going after Alexia in the club around the same time. Peter and Frankie’s father. I can’t think of their freaking name. I can’t think of his name, whatever the guy was, whatever Alexia’s ex-husband’s name was. He was a huge drug dealer. So you have a pro baseball player and a huge drug dealer. She picked a drug feeler and like in cocaine, Cowboys, she says, she’s like, I knew he was a bad guy, but I was 20 and he was beautiful and I didn’t care. Like she’s just so honest and raw. She is the things reality dreams are made of. And she’s just to see him, hold on. I’m I I’m texting it to you.

Amanda (20:31):

Is it like Netflix? I have gotta watch it.

B (20:34):

All right. This picture, he doesn’t look, but he looks a lot like here he looks a lot like the song.

Amanda (20:39):

Oh yeah. And

B (20:41):

That’s not even like a great picture of him, but he was like a big time cocaine cowboy. Like it was a huge Miami thing

Amanda (20:47):

And she is not engaged. This

B (20:49):

Is her third reinvention.

Amanda (20:51):

I mean forever.

B (20:52):

They had two kids and then she met Herman and they had their life together. And then they split and everything that preceded that, that followed that. And then she she’s been with Todd and I also think Todd’s very handsome too.

Amanda (21:05):

So I have a question about Mari soul. It, why don’t we ever see her husband? Isn’t she cause like she doesn’t real. She’s a housewife right’s so they show the family

B (21:16):

A friend of

Amanda (21:17):

She’s she’s a friend. That’s why. Okay. That’s

B (21:20):

Why’s that is her and Adriana are friends of, I’m not sure. I maybe because the husband didn’t wanna show as much. Yeah. Listen, it’s such a strong cast. The fact that Marisol, you say it the right way. I don’t the fact that Marisol is a friend of shows you what a strong cast. This is because on any other franchise she’d be holding the middle piece of fruit for sure. Right. For sure. I, and, and I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t know if you’re gonna agree with me. I know Adriana brings good TV, but her and Lars and listen, it’s a strong cast, but her and Lars, if I have to pick they’re my least favorites,

Amanda (21:54):

I feel like

B (21:56):

Lars’s favorite.

Amanda (21:57):

I feel like Lars she’s is hiding something from us.

B (22:01):

Real people. She’s phony as. She’s

Amanda (22:04):

Just hiding stuff from us. Cause like, and even I think it’s Adriana who points it out and who was like, I saw you out on a date. How come you’re never talking about this? And it’s like, I feel like Lars is trying to take a book from the Kardashians and only show certain like very highly polished parts of her life. Right. Which is why like I bet she’s got some really juicy, interesting happening and oh yeah.

B (22:30):


Amanda (22:30):

Not sharing it.

B (22:30):

We’re not gonna see it. Which is annoying. It’s annoying.

Amanda (22:34):

Yeah. I feel like there would be more interesting stuff. Well, I think so. Wait, did you say they’re they’re shooting now? Are they shooting Miami right now?

B (22:43):

They’re filming now.

Amanda (22:44):

Okay. I am really curious. Have we heard anything about anybody? New

B (22:48):

Cast? I close in south Florida. I, I mean, you know that. Yeah. So I’m like, I wanna get down. I wanna hang out with Dr. Nicole. Like I love her. I agree. I love her. And I think I love her. I love her relationship with her now. Fiance. I love her little. Son’s so cute. I just love her. I think she’s such a strong, good. I love Girdy. We haven’t spoke about Gurdy.

Amanda (23:10):

No, we haven’t talk about GDY. She’s

B (23:12):

So strong. Her husband is gorgeous. She is gorgeous. I mean the two of them together are like, wow. And then those, these beautiful weddings. She actually, so a friend of mine on Instagram, shout out to sues and tric. They sell they sell jewelry. They sell a lot of different stuff. They’re an instant count. And Sue just got married. Patricia’s the mom. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> at Cipriani Manhattan. And Girdy was I have to send you pictures. The flower. Oh wow. I mean she’s out the world. Incredible. Like she’s so, so talented. I did hear whispers about a spinoff

Amanda (23:48):

For her. She would be a great

B (23:51):

Whispers. Whispers whispers. Yes.

Amanda (23:53):

Like a interesting,

B (23:54):

Like a design spinoff.

Amanda (23:56):

Yeah. It would, she would be so good. And she’s like that totally got the personality to carry it and the talent, right? Yes. I totally agree. And I’m sure

B (24:05):

Yous really like fabulous staff around her that are all like adorable with their own drama. Right, right. Sort of like a Vanderpump rules. Right. So she’d be like the leaser Vanderpump. And then like her people who work for her probably have their own going on and right. I don’t know. Oh

Amanda (24:21):

For sure. I mean

B (24:23):

Like lover’s new show

Amanda (24:25):

Being in like a creative industry, there’s gonna be some fabulous other people. There’s gonna be people who have very strong design, like ideas and fights about it. Like I could totally see seen that being a, I,

B (24:39):

I think one of the things that turned me off with Adrian in the season was when she went for Girdy like it was pointless. I don’t know why she was doing that. Like this is Goody’s profession. She’s an established, I mean, I forget what magazine it was. If it was Vogue or whatever it was, her is one of the top designers in America. Like why is Adriana like moving her flowers or whatever. She did grow up a lot for screen time. I think she was sold to that. She was a friend of, but I think it made her look overproduced.

Amanda (25:09):

I struggled with her. She was my least favorite of all of the Miami Housewives. And she wasn’t in the past. But like I no, totally agree. She was like acting out for attention almost.

B (25:20):

I think they were, I think she was, but like Marisol wasn’t full time and you didn’t need a, you didn’t know it. And B she didn’t act out. Yeah. And I think probably because Adriana didn’t have a spouse and her son is I think, college age. So he probably didn’t wanna be on the show. Yeah. So that she probably didn’t have enough of that to show. So she was compensating on camera, in the hope to get bumped up. Right. Which is something, I mean, most fans know this, so you’re brought on as a friend. But if you bring it, you can always be bumped up to full time.

Amanda (25:49):


B (25:49):

Or if you don’t bring it, you can always be bumped down to friends. So there’s always that urgency to bring it. And some people do it more organically than others, I think is the way to say it.

Amanda (26:01):

Well, I think we can both agree. The peacock subscription is totally worth it. This is not even me being like a shout out. We don’t make any money from this by saying it, but I know the next ultimate girls trip coming out

B (26:14):

Money off the link. We were new,

Amanda (26:16):

The ultimate.

B (26:18):

So unless we’re making one. OK. <Laugh>

Amanda (26:20):

The Bluestone. I mean, I can’t wait for that. Like I I’m totally going off script here, but not that we have a script, but you know what I mean? Like off topic. Cause we were talking about Miami, but I’m like, I have thoroughly.

B (26:32):

Okay. First of all, we’re recording probably once a week when that comes out, cuz it’s just gonna be, it’s gonna be such mess and we love mess.

Amanda (26:39):

I know the mess the better. Well, speaking of mess, I think, think we should talk a little bit about what I think will be one of our regular features. So you’ve heard us say like goes down in the comments and it really does. So we’re gonna pick some of the recent posts from the website and we’re gonna talk about the, so I thought a great place would be to start with our most commented post, which was actually a blind from April 13th.

B (27:12):

I don’t even know guys. This is like all Amanda, I don’t, I don’t she’s the she’s like the numbers girl and the like <laugh>.

Amanda (27:21):

Yeah. So I, yes. And I am like always I’m telling you guys, like I don’t, you guys figure so much of this stuff out so much. I don’t even know. So I’m always looking at the comments and if you’re not like you are missing, do not sleep on the comments. So this one is titled big Housewives shake up. So I’m gonna read the post and then I’m gonna share what some of the con like this is all gonna be like, just me shortening what they’re saying. I won’t read everything work for work. Cause that would be boring. But so it starts out from Bravo, HOK, number 2 million something, email Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, not Denise And I’m gonna tell you the reason I’m reading that is people put context clues in the email addresses. Okay. So subject the landscape is changing. And then it says in the message, another long time matriarch of the franchise is set to be booted in the coming weeks.

Amanda (28:21):

This fan favorite who has been on the franchise for the last 10 years has had her fate sealed with the network production and executives believe her storyline has wrapped up and believe her unwillingness to work with the cast is old. This longtime cast is ready to be taken in a new direction and needs a new family, maybe a Turkish one to be centered round. Also the network is looking to find out if a Housewives estranged sister would be willing to come to the table, expect a shake up with some new faces and a brand new direction. Other news sources will be discussing this in the coming days. So that is the blind. And now I

B (29:08):

Had no idea who it was about

Amanda (29:11):

<Laugh> so this is what the comments say. So some of the comments are guessing that the matriarch who won’t be on the show anymore is Teresa. And that the exchange sister could be Jackie and her sister or another person. Guess it could be Dina and her sister Caroline. We know that they are estranged. Another person commented. They don’t think the New Jersey cash should be shaken up because it was so good this season, which I actually actually totally agree. Total side note. Another really interesting guess is that this isn’t about Jersey at all. That it’s about Beverly Hills and that the Turkish family is Yolanda and the Hadids

B (29:53):


Amanda (29:54):

Another commenter chimed in that, since the non-person pseudonym, email is not Denise Richards at Gmail, that the other person who guessed that this could be about Beverly Hills is right. Because Kyle Kyle’s last name was Richards.

B (30:14):


Amanda (30:16):

So, oh wait, what was it? Very

B (30:18):


Amanda (30:18):

Not Denise Richards. Sorry at, oh, sorry. Bravo, Bravo. Bravo. Not Denise Sorry I read that. I

B (30:26):

Can tell you what I now know with casting. It’s not Jersey,

Amanda (30:29):

It’s not Jersey

B (30:31):

Posted this. We didn’t know. Right? Because the casting wasn’t, but it’s not Jersey. Although interesting. The step cousin of Lauren Manzo is currently filming. They haven’t made decisions on who the full time Housewives are, but Danielle and I can’t think of her last name is the stepsister to Candace Lata, who is Lauren Manos, first cousin and best friend. So she’s the step cousin of Lauren Manzo, but it says sister, not cousin, but there’s a family tie there.

Amanda (31:05):

Another person guessed because it, it, what was it? 10 years. They, they say in the blind something about it being 10 years that it could be Beverly Hills because Beverly Hills right. Is 10 years old. I actually Googled it though. And the Hadids are from Palestinian you’re

B (31:27):

Palestinian then Yolanda is isn’t she from Holland?

Amanda (31:31):

Yeah. She’s Dutch. Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. So I mean, if this is about Jersey, because the part about the matriarch, not wanting to film with other people, that part makes sense for therea. Right. But do you think the show would survive without her?

B (31:48):

I think it would survive. I think, I think that Jersey is such a strong franchise. I think somebody would have to assume that and you know,

Amanda (31:57):

Whatever come

B (31:57):

Back. Yes. I don’t think that without Theresa it would have like the OC fate where it was like, it sucked. Yeah. I think that it would be different. I think it would survive. I think you need, I I’ll be honest with you and this again is my opinion, but they’re bringing in this step, Manzo cousin, this girl didn’t yell again. I can’t think of her last name. And she was, she was on a VH one or MTV real life, Staten island. And she’s very like Jersey shore, but mm-hmm, <affirmative>, she’s very funny. Like her Instagram account is cool and she puts herself out there and she’s younger, I would guess mid thirties. And she’s got a cute husband, cute kids. I’m sure she’s got a cute little friend group. So, and I have a blind on this again, here goes my bad memory. So basically the blind says that Jersey is sort of working towards doing a legacy and a new, and Danielle is sort of like the way that V P was introduced on Beverly Hills. Danielle’s gonna sort of potentially, if it works out with her filming, she could be the segue to the New Jersey. And then they do like a legacy Jersey.

Amanda (33:10):

So for people who

B (33:11):

Probably a five year plan for Jersey is what I’m hearing.

Amanda (33:14):

So, and this also tracks with what’s going on with New York, right? Cause for people who maybe don’t, haven’t read on the site that is what’s happening with New York as a rumor, right.

B (33:28):

It seems to me that Bravo learned a lot from OCI. It seems to me that when Bravo just cut the ties with Vicky and Tamara, as much as the audience was telling them to it did not go over well. So I think what they learned from that is that you can’t just cut stuff cold. You have to, you know, sort of plan. And they’re doing that for New York. We know, I hear that. They’re teeing it up to do something like that for New Jersey. Remember these franchises, people like them. Right. But you need fresh too. So where listen, I’ll tune in for both, but you know, people a little bit older than me will tune in for like Jersey, but they may not tune in for Danielle and her friends. Right. So I’m sort of in between both, but I’m not the same age as the older ladies, but I still like to watch them. The younger girls may be over that. Right. So there’s a whole new crop, right? Every generation changes. So there’s a whole new crop of 30 something moms that want their own Melissa gorg.

Amanda (34:31):

Right. And

B (34:32):

Now Melissa has teenagers. So who’s the new Teresa, Melissa, who’s the New Jersey crew. And so this girl, Danielle who oddly enough, has a Manzo family relation is sort of that segue.

Amanda (34:47):

Well, and I think it’s interesting too, that Bravo now has peacock to play with too, where they can test out shows on peacock and see how they do right.

B (35:00):

Should I, should I read the blind that I just got about a peacock spinoff?

Amanda (35:04):

Yes, of course. Okay. Is this, is this part of the category? That of stuff that has not been shared on the website or on Instagram?

B (35:14):

Ha just came through while we were talking

Amanda (35:18):

Piping hot. Okay. Okay.

B (35:22):

Goodbye. Goodbye. I’m not going to say the email cause it’s real subject reboot, capital B O O T lone star state franchise put on hiatus is coming back to peacock, no date yet, but two OGs and a vet are coming back as well as two rumored newbies before the hiatus happened, two other girls are joining one full-time and the other as a friend pay attention to their stories. They’re working on building relationships here and there. Lone star we know is Dallas. What we also know is prior to the hiatus, they were actively filming and they were new people. So

Amanda (36:11):

Tiffany it’s gotta be Tiffany, cuz I think she was written about filming. Right?

B (36:17):

Right’s INTA stories cuz she’s putting a lot of stuff out there.

Amanda (36:20):

And then so then that’s probably Deandra too Deandra. Well is Deandra and OG? No, I mean that’s Brandy and Stephanie cuz I, I enjoy them.

B (36:31):

I don’t know that Brandy will be back. Hmm. I think OG Bravo and cocktail fans followers. No. Yeah I do. I posted that was the first video I posted was Brian making out with a random girl in the club. Yes. And after that, a lot of other stuff came to light fairs and all sorts of stuff. I think she’s done. I think that S step Stephanie would come back. I think, I don’t know. I don’t think Brandy coming back. I think Brandy’s her kids are older and there’s two out there. And I think that she’s smart enough to say let’s take a seat.

Amanda (37:12):

Interesting. Well, I will totally watch it.

B (37:14):

I don’t know anything. I’m just saying that those are my thoughts.

Amanda (37:18):

Two, was it two seasons ago when lean was still on Dallas, I thought was the best housewife show like it was so I thought it was so entertaining.

B (37:27):

I love OC Dallas and I, I loved, I loved the girls at the beginning. I, I thought it got stale last couple seasons. And you know what also, because I get sent to, I know that there was so much interesting stuff happening <laugh>

Amanda (37:43):


B (37:43):

And I know how little of it was shown. And so for me I was just like, what am I watching this? The real, the real stuff is happening when the cameras aren’t rolling stuff. True.

Amanda (37:53):

Well back to other T that has not been spilled. So we’re getting extra bonus tea today, I think. Right. Let’s talk about, do you wanna talk about that other piece of tea that we were talking about earlier?

B (38:09):

Oh the, the the Zen.

Amanda (38:11):


B (38:12):

Okay. So I got this today. This is, I actually made a meme about it. I was like, are you kidding me? We’re recording. And this comes in from not Zen, not Zen, This ex housewife whose name keeps coming up is not as sweet and Zen as she appears. Yes. Her ex-husband is not the best and his brother and sister-in-laws defend him. So it’s understandable that she’s upset, but she is not the sweet unbothered by drama Zen. She pretends to be her new hubby was diagnosed with cancer. A few years ago, his wife and children were by his side. During this scary time, after he went into re remission, he went on a spiritual journey to celebrate and unwind there. He met the Zen ex housewife. He literally was supposed to be gone for a week, but he never returned him. And Zen were all over the east coast, California, and anywhere else they could be with zero Fs given for his wife and their two kids.

B (39:25):

Have you ever seen pictures of him with the kids? No. You won’t not even on his private account because he is never ever with them. The ex housewife got her hooks in immediately. And when she saw how loaded he was, she really went for it. She cannot stand him having a relationship with his children. Every time they’re on the phone with him, she makes him hang up. She tells him to stop spoiling them when they need new shoes or sports gear, because mommy gets enough alimony. It’s truly disgusting the way she knowingly slept with a married man and then went on her comeback season off the shoe to pretend to be dating again. No, she was with him that entire time. She didn’t even try to hide it. So yes, terrible things have happened to her, but she’s a terrible person herself. Whoa.

Amanda (40:21):

Wow. I don’t need to name any names. <Laugh> we don’t need to name any names on that one, but that was a surprising one. Good tea.

B (40:31):

I was gob smacked. When I read that, I think that everyone can figure out or guess who they think it is. And guys, listen, these things can be sent in, but you have to always like look at the points. That track is how I put my puzzles together and that’s all you can really do.

Amanda (40:50):

And again, allegedly, because we know I have a way of verifying any of these things. So anyway, well that was a super fun one. Thank you so much for spilling the spicy spicy tea and

B (41:08):

You’re awesome.

Amanda (41:09):

<Laugh> yeah. Do it because I’m always thankful for you and the tea. We wouldn’t have it without you

B (41:15):

Thankful for you.

Amanda (41:16):

Well, thanks so much everybody for listening to cocktails and gossip today. So before we go, I just wanna ask you a favor. Please subscribe. So you don’t miss us. And then after you’ve subscribed, don’t forget to share the podcast with your friends. But of course only the ones who really like tea, the ones who don’t like tea, forget them. And don’t forget to find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website where all the best tea gets put there because it would get us kicked off Instagram. So find [email protected].

B (41:54):

Did you hear me coughing at the

Amanda (41:55):

End? <Laugh> well, thank you so much B it was so much fun.

B (42:00):

Thank you so much, Amanda, till next time. Hope coming in.

Amanda (42:08):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribed go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good teeth, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram, the door <laugh>, which is why we have the, it

B (42:49):

Has gotten me kicked off Instagram

Amanda (42:51):

Multiple times. Yes. And so now we’re smarter and we just put it at Bravo and cocktail star. When you

B (42:58):

Know better,

Amanda (42:58):

You do better. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye

B (43:02):

Guys. See you. Next time.