Ultimate Girls Trip 3!!!

May 17, 2022

From: TruTea Kenya
Email: kenya@trulyoroginal.com

Subject: ultimate girls trip

Spill It to Bravoand Cocktails.com:
Ultimate Girls Trip 3 is a go and they’re currently finalising the cast. Filming to commence shortly after Potomac wraps as Gizelle and Karen are a big focus. Other names being thrown around are Rinna, Erika, Dorit, Margaret, Dolores, Alexia, Marisol, Marlo and Sheree. Unclear if NY or OC having any representation due to the reboot of their casts, although Sonja mentioned.

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  1. Pretty Mess

    That would actually be an amazing group. I’m ready to see Erika have to deal with the reads from the RHOA ladies. She would have NEVER gotten off as easy as she did in season 11 if she were on Atlanta.

  2. Tee

    I don’t need rinna on my screen anymore than necessary please

    • CharlestonBlonde

      I second that emotion!!

  3. Sarah

    Please no more Marge and those disgusting teeth on my screen it’s terrible to watch!

    • Jess

      Ew attacking someone’s appearance is disgusting

    • Trout mouth

      I second not have large marge on the screen, that trout mouth really does just bother me, the voice, is like nails on a chalkboard. Get her off the screen all together!! I honestly probably wouldn’t watch if she was on.

      • Emma

        Margaret is fantastic and is the only reason Dumb and Dumber had storylines this year.

  4. Jess

    Please bring our Sonjarita!!!

  5. Titsmcgee

    No God please no rinna

  6. Rae

    This will be good! Here for the drama.


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