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May 17, 2022

Apparently he doesn’t even fully own his practice. The majority owner is someone who wanted to use the name. Oh, and about a month ago the whole office got an email saying “this person isn’t allowed in the spa” and the pic was of his now gf. 00


  1. Miami Eyes

    Every patient I’ve ever heard that has gone to the practice has talked about deals made in cash. If you do the procedure and pay with card it’s one price, if you pay in cash it’s a much lower price. Always has made me wonder what is being reported and what is not…..

    • Nunya

      I am a patient of his and there are several options for payments. Cash, credit, payment plan etc.
      the lower cash option is not uncommon bc of the fees credit card companies charge.

      I’m not Hochstein fan but this cash price vs credit price is very common.

      • M

        No cosmetic surgeon I have used here in Michigan has ever offered a “cash option.” And two of my three are very, very good. IG “models” fly to see one of them…no cash option, and he is expensive.

      • Miami Lyfe

        I think there is a difference between “very common” and “very common in Miami.” This is not something I’ve ever really heard of in any other medical practice, but nothing in Miami surprises me.

        Additionally, there was also a lot of shadiness surrounding how they got the plot of land on Star Island back when. They ended up getting it for a very low price and then building on it. They definitely have money, but I don’t think they are quite as rich as people might suspect they are. Hopefully for Lisa’s sake things are set up in her favor.

    • No

      Can confirm.

  2. Happygolucky

    This is the tea I needed to hear, the “M” not being allowed, was the cherry on top! ?


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