Hannah’s wedding after party..

May 17, 2022

At John Scott’s. A ton of the wedding
showed up after

Raquel and the guy from shahs seemed very flirty. Brock was passing around a joint, apologized for blowing smoke in our direction and scheana said he should of apologized for not offering us any you could tell scheana wanted people to recognize her she sat down at our table but nobody said anything to her. Craig and Paige were there very briefly



  1. Nannernell

    Is that the bride deep throating liquor? Pure class

    • Grace

      Who cares it’s her wedding. I was downing tequila shots and drinking champagne from the bottle after my wedding – planning a wedding is a lot of work and you want to just let loose after with everyone who traveled to be with you

      • Gina

        Exactly. Party as much as you want. Get wild.

      • Gnocchi

        ^^^ yessss. Ditto. Once you make it to the end of the night you finally get to enjoy it.

    • Not Hannah

      weird take lol

      • Ungloved

        Don’t care about the chugging booze, but I do care about those ridiculous “gloves”. Her and stassi with the weird gloves.

    • Gina not Jeana

      Who cares? It’s one day of your life. It should be enjoyed.

    • Get off your high horse

      You’re kidding, right? Have you not seen summer house? These people party & have fun. Let her have fun on HER day without your judgey commentary.

    • JC

      Don’t judge women. It’s tacky.

    • JFB

      This is the trashiest wedding I have ever seen. First wedding pic- a pic of plan b with the wedding rings. Hannah is gross!!!

  2. It's should HAVE* not of

    Scheana is so CRINGE, even when it’s someone’s account of their interaction with her lol.


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