Details, details….

May 17, 2022

Her name isn’t on the deed to the house. Is it on the mortgage? Is it on the medspa? Interested to see how all this plays out. Allegedly.


  1. Nunya

    He also owns the building that his practice, and “her” medspa are located in. Leases the 2nd floor to Planned Parenthood.

    • Ben

      I drive by that building all of the time and wondered why Planned Parenthood has a giant sign on there! However, she lists herself as an owner of the Medspa and since it came after the marriage, she’d better get half plus future earnings

  2. Sus

    Why would it all be in his name, if she’s been the breadwinner? At least she should be on something!

    • East vs west

      I think this is about Lenny and Lisa, not Jen and Rind lol

    • Miami?

      I think this is about Lisa and Lenny not Jen and Ryan

  3. FloridaGirl

    Florida law says that anything gained in the marriage is common property. I believe a FL divorce lawyer commented on one of the many posts about how she is in the best state for a divorce, unless the prenup is different and covers a longer period of time. Girl is going to be good.

    • attorney wife

      This is true! Anything that was purchased during the marriage is joint property regardless of the name on it. If he bought it while they were married, Lisa is entitled to half!

  4. Confused

    Who is this??


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