Passport Seized by the IRS?!

May 16, 2022

From: Not in Italy
Email: [email protected]

Subject: He doesn’t have a passport!

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I’m not even sure if the canceled bar star was invited to his ex’s wedding. I do know that he had to give up his passport due to IRS debt. Don’t expect any international travel for his family any time soon lol

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  1. Livoo

    Jax Taylor & Stassi Schroeder Clark from VPR

  2. Karen


  3. Wedding bells and IRS PROBS

    Jax obvi, but that is crazy and kind of pathetic. Like what has he been doing? And now they are apparently moving to Florida?? SO STRANGE, but this also doesnt mean Brit couldn’t have gone! I feel like something deep happened.

  4. Tim Tim

    Technically the IRS can’t seize your passport. That would fall to the state department. That would have to mean they aren’t in a repayment plan for the back taxes, which would make it hard to do a lot of things like sell a house even.

  5. Randall

    How will he sell his house with tax liens on it?

  6. Olympia

    If his passport had expired, he will not be issued a new if money owed to the IRS. This is probably what happened being the IRS do not seize passports. Happened to a friends ex. Pathetic.

  7. beer cheese

    Bahahahhahahahahaahaha. Not even Jenny Craig can fix this.

  8. Sur Dumpster Alley

    If there are tax liens, wouldn’t that be a public record? I’m surprised no one has located them yet

  9. Sandy B

    Well the best thing about this blind is that, hilariously, there is an ad popping up for dry ice with a picture of a mound of ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ – looking exactly like what you’d expect to see on anything related to Jax

  10. Whaaaa?!

    Here’s my question. Is PK an American citizen, and does he have a passport? He owes all kinds of back taxes and he travels. And actually if he’s not a US citizen that is worse, because he might never come back to pay what he owes. Dorit is a US citizen and she travels. So I’m not sure I believe this.

  11. Last Year’s Versace

    My kids’ passports arrived in the time stated so I’m calling bs.
    Dude is lying. When Jax lies, he makes up five different scenarios to one event. He can’t stop.


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