He’s a liar!!!

May 16, 2022

Hey! He’s a liar!!! L. and L were not divorcing prior to his affair. They are divorcing bc he’s leaving Li for his mistress. She was devasted and still is. He is trying to save his reputation saying they were already separated when he started his affair… not true!!




  1. HGSLisa

    Activate Hot Girl Summer 2022!!
    How I see it, he did her a favor by removing himself. He’s dead weight. Now she can live her best life.

    • Vamos a la playa

      Oooooh and RHOM filming. I can smell the reunion first chair next to Andy from here.

      • Di

        I’m sure she will appreciate the light lol

        • Lenny Sucks

          The nerve of Lenny to shame and guilt Lisa for not wanting to have a third child. Is he going to make his new mistress have a kid????

  2. Anon

    Perhaps saving his reputation.. but my guess is there is also some clause about cheating in a prenup or somewhere where Lisa gets a larger payout that he is trying to avoid. I hope she gets everything and gets far away from that human trash can. As for his new gf? Trash belongs with trash.

    • HotLisaSummer

      Absolutely! She needs to clean him out! He is disgusting. She can do way better for herself and the kids.

  3. Karen

    Duh. Of course he’s lying

  4. Future housewife

    Love Lisa and this is not a set back for her!!! He’s doing her a favor!!!!!

  5. Hetrash

    Well yeah, that’s obvious BS. I hope Lisa soon realizes she will be so much better off…she seems so sweet and funny and…look at her! She will find someone SO much better. And taller.


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