Bury them?!

May 16, 2022


From: Bury Them
Email: angryinnj@bravo.com

Subject: She’s pissed!!

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So….Te heard Jon M ‘s podcast and she’s S fuming mad. She was overheard telling her glam squad “she’s going to bury them this season”. My friend just told me and I immediately came to email
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  1. Ahh

    Who is burying who (Melissa Jen Teresa)

  2. Too Far Gorgas

    Teresa heard Joe and Melissa…definitely went too far involving the kids

  3. Good for T

    Good for Teresa! Joe and ME-lissa always get a pass. No one talks about their dirt. I hope she burns it all down

  4. Take them down

    I hope she comes for them and shits them down. Who needs “family” like that? They are so thirsty and Joe is a little b***h!

  5. Batshit Crazy

    Pipe down Teresa!

    • Kait

      Seriously. Karmas a bitch and her name is Melissa. She must be Tired of being quiet and just taking Teresa’s shit. Teresa is maybe one of the most ungrateful and narrow-minded person on bravo

    • RealiTEA junkie

      Am I the only one that is SO over Teresa and her expected “loyalty”
      She’s ALWAYS been awful to her own brother, this is going to make her look even worse if that’s even possible.

  6. She never learns

    Teaching her daughters to hate their siblings. When they grow up they will be torn apart. They will hate each other’s spouses and fight like this. As they never really saw what being a sister really means.

  7. Just sayin

    But all they said was that they continued the show with Joe Guidice while Teresa was in prison. Like that’s true. Teresa Checks In. Joe couldn’t even drive at this time and the special airing was the only money they brought in. They probably all got paid for that and she got her book deal at this time. Teresa never acknowledges how anyone helped while she was away and while Joe was away. She’s known Louie’s family for a minute, acknowledge the family you already had.

  8. Lo

    Teresa and her invisible forehead need to take a seat. Im so tired of this tough girl persona she’s always trying to give. It’s pathetic and comical. Also, do any of them ever stop to think about what they are teaching their kids? Whatever happened to “family family family”. Teresa would put the garbage man before her own brother. & I’m sure Joe & Melissa did a lot for their family when she went away but Teresa doesn’t have the mental capacity to recognize that or thank them. Did Joe and Melissa have to say all that ? No and def not on a podcast but I can’t blame them, they are probably just so fed up with that woman & her demeaning double standard ways. I can’t imagine being in the same room as Teresa let alone being related. Teresa needs to be fired (mostly so she can learn to humble herself) and Melissa & Joe need a new story line other then this sibling rivalry/jealousy crap. Next!

    • algal1776

      nailed it sis

    • Katie

      This. All of this. Couldn’t agree more

  9. JC

    I’m so sick of Teresa’s shit…. She abuses her family and they let her get away with them. She needs another reality check.

  10. Toni

    Tre is so pathetic! Let’s say she does “go after” Joe and Melissa, who tf in that group is gonna back Tre besides Jen?? Surely Dolo is done with her, you know Marge and Jackie will side with Melissa. The one newbie is a toss up…..Tre just needs to go be her miserable self off of tv

  11. Theresa is a moron

    Literally my 20 month old is smarter than Theresa. She isn’t going to bury anyone but herself. I think the majority of us are sick of her idiotic, nonsensical drama. At what point, does a 49 year old woman, ON TV no less, not become aware of their hypocritical behavior?! She has FOUR impressionable daughters and she has been so far from a role model to them. It’s pathetic!
    If I were Joe and Melissa, I would be at my wits end with her also. For once they shouldn’t hold back or bite their tongue in fear of disrupting the family dynamic bc it’s pretty clear that Theresa puts zero value on her family. I honestly would love to truly hear Joe and Melissa’s unedited version/opinion/truth on how horrible Theresa has been since she started on RHONJ. That could be their storyline! LOL

  12. Katie

    Finally someone is actually standing up to talk about Teresa. She’s such a trash human. She sucks.

  13. Emma

    Let her try. If Joe and Melissa realize you don’t have to defend your family no matter what, and take the gloves off, they will annihilate her. I just hope they don’t keep quiet bc she’s his sister. She deserves zero loyalty.

  14. Rhonda

    Devil’s advocate: Teresa is in too deep. Sold her home. Set a date. I have ten bucks that says that even if Tre had doubts, what’s she gonna do? She has 4 daughters to support. If I were her I’d be scared to death. I’d cling to anyone showering me with attention. I’d feel stuck as hell.
    I say this from experience.

  15. Claire R

    I think I must be the only person that is actually on Theresa’s side ?


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