NYC Bling Empire scoop…

May 15, 2022

Dorothy wang & her gang are on it she’s the ‘head’ of the show I believe. She moved to nyc into a $8 mil apt but the apt isn’t in the best area LOL it’s on the west side on a just okay block. She could do better. Dorothy’s goal was her own show & this is as close as it gets. Fans love her.



  1. Girl Bye

    Hi Dorothy!!! Fans used to love you when you were on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. You were a mean girl this season on Bling Empire. Shut up with your $8M apartment and be grateful you’re back on tv.

  2. Luna

    They basically set this up on the last episode!

  3. Bum Empire

    This season of bling empire was so scripted and boring and cringey. Why bother with a ny version if it’s Dorothy pick someone better!!!!


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