All roads lead to Bravo through Chicago and Jersey

May 15, 2022

From: Bachelor RHONJ

Subject: All roads lead to Bravo!!

Spill It to Omg! I have such a scoop!!! I was friends with Mara who was on the recent season of the Bachelor. We worked together at the W Hotel in Hoboken. WELL she had affair with XXXXXX (obviously XXXXXX’s husband from Real Housewives of New Jersey) This was about ten years ago. He even took her on a work trip to Chicago. Paid her to “work” the trade show at BLK water, back when it was his company. I know there’s a picture of it she had sent me back then. I’ll try to find it! All roads lead to Bravo!!

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  1. A little late

    Why is this just coming out now if it happened 10 years ago? Write sounds good excited about the news as if it’s new ?

    • A little late

      *writer sounds too excited

  2. Lauren

    Old tea but so juicy omg

  3. Colleen

    Stop it omg!!!

  4. Laura

    Chris Laurita

  5. TakeAXanax

    Close your legs to married men.

    • Dawn Lugo

      @takeaXanax, shut up, take a Xanax and go away.


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