Thirsty, naked & not alone…

May 14, 2022

This former OC housewife is on a trip where she’s posting all sorts of odd pictures. She’s not alone. Her newest love is there. Working hard to beat her ex to the altar. Allegedly.


  1. Detective

    MKE girl just stay single for a hot minute.

  2. Here for the comments

    Well we know from prior photo it’s MKE

  3. Jim Edmonds


  4. JLL Sirius

    She was on Jeff Lewis Live few weeks back. She said then that she was in a new relationship and trying to take things slow, but that she basically wasn’t. She loved love. She was very open, except for the exact reason of the split. Likely due to an NDA I’m sure. She also mentioned she no longer lives in OC. So how she’d be on RHOC I’m not sure, but I hope this shit show is coming back! She was good tv, an asshole, but good tv.

    • MwithanE

      I kinda feel bad for MKE, I think it’s very telling when someone can’t stand to be alone. She’s an asshole, but she was good on show.. this behavior is a little sad.

  5. Not Jim

    Unpopular opinion, I love her. Who cares if she is in love with being in love.


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