Only one mojito..

May 14, 2022


From: One Mojito
Email: [email protected]

Subject: One Mojito. Who will win?

Spill It to These 2 e former housewives now friends currently battling for the mojito. Production has said only 1 can hold a mojito. Producers are leaning towards Starbucks lady. Which explains why the other one was begging and hugging the enemy she made on the show. She’s struggling to stay on the show. Seems like she’s Rush-Ing down.

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  1. Sbx lady ha

    Marysol is better than Adrianna.

  2. Mojito

    Marysol and Adriana?

  3. J

    Marysol and Adriana on Miami. Marysol will be full time, Adriana stays a friend

  4. Jackie

    Marysol and Adrianna ?

  5. Lost in MIA

    I need comments for this one! Stumped!

  6. Sheryll Zapata

    Adriana and Marysol from RHOM perhaps. I saw Marysol being friendly with Dr. Nicole on someone’s Instagram story lol

  7. Michelle

    Adriana and Marysol. Can there please be a clause that the cup needs to go away??

  8. Hmm

    Marysol for sure but hmm…”Rush-ing” down reads to me like Russian, which would mean Julia??


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