Cheater, English style…

May 13, 2022

This new housewife met her husband way before she was divorced. There’s a scoop there. I mean she’s new as a housewife but Bravo fans met her years ago while she was literally sipping and spilling tea. Allegedly.


  1. Yaz

    Caroline Stanburry?

  2. Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

    Caroline Stansbury Real Housewives of Dubai, Ladies of London

  3. Nana

    Totally believe this. Her ex seemed like good guy, handsome, loves the kids…..then out of the blue divorce and she has new man and going to Dubai? $$$$$. Ladies of London was good – and tragic.

    • Ava

      Her ex husband actually took them to Dubai. It was for his job.

    • Emma

      I agree it sounds like Caroline, but you can’t know what her ex is like, based on seeing him on a reality show for a total of maybe 15 minutes.

      • Nana

        It’s reality tv!!! It’s a judgement filled zone! Of course we don’t “know” anyone…..just what they say on camera

  4. RealHousewifeofChicago

    Sergio is only 27 so I wonder how old he was when they started their fling while Caroline was still married… no shade, just saying he was probably like 23. Good for her!


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