About the victim…

May 13, 2022

About **** and I **** and he was still a huge liar! Anyways, he lied at the very beginning about why his ex divorced him, and then lied about when he cheated on his ex… He never took her to the office of the company he said he was a partner at (total lie!) And she has proof he only used her to gain a huge social media following bc he was boasting about being at 53k followers. He definitely was not innocent at all and said some pretty harsh things behind


  1. Jana sucks

    Ok Jana. Quit sending these in about yourself

  2. Jana is the worst

    Honestly, who cares. Jana is a clout chasing wh*** who uses her children and ex to propel herself. She’s disgusting and doesn’t deserve a platform. She’s also a serial cheater herself and projects her guilty conscience on her partners. Wish she would be canceled already.

  3. Yo momma

    Thanks Jana ??

  4. Dee

    Ok Jana lol

  5. Bs Detector

    Oh please. Why would Andrew East and Shawn J set him up with her if he was a cheater.. knowing that she had a past with cheaters? Those are her friends and they wanted to introduce her to him. Told her he was a great guy! This is literally her camp just trying to cover her tracks.

  6. KC24

    Janna Kramer. Man, I used to really like Janna, but through the years she’s become unbearable. She overshares everything and she always plays the victim. At some point you have to look at yourself and realize you may be the problem.


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