Devastated in Miami…


  1. Titsmcgee

    Lenny is such a piece of trash. The only he has going for himself is his money. Lisa could do SO SO much better. Time to divorce his ugly frog looking ass and level up hunny. He’s atrocious

  2. Anon

    LISA AND LENNY!! So sad for her and her kids. He put so much pressure on her to give him children and this is what he does while she’s at home with them?? Disgusting. Lisa was always lovable to me on RHOM. Other than being a bit high maintenance, as a viewer she’s still very likable. It’s apparent that his money and success has made him think that in his big age of almost 60, that he is above being faithful 🤦🏻‍♀️ To his family

    • Jess


  3. Sara

    Gosh I wish I’d been born gorgeous. Life is so easy for them.

    • Natural is better

      I’m sure you are stunning! (Besides, they’re not born beautiful anyway, it’s all plastic)

  4. Kim Lo

    I mean, I’m not surprised. His body language and attitude was awful the entire season. And not an uncomfortable with taping kind of awful. He’s awful to her, and clearly looked checked out of the relationship and the kids the entire time. I was getting “he’s just not that into you” vibes. He was garbage the original seasons too. So demeaning on camera, can only imagine the reality off.
    She deserves better, and she can do better. He will just rope them in after her bc he has money, but he’ll always lack substance.
    He also seems like the kind of man that demands offspring for ego, not for nurture. Best to raise those babies out from under him.

    • jules

      He was absolutely distanced this most recent season. Their relationship felt forced and hard to watch.

  5. Lenny Who? Bye!

    Girlfriend, go on, take the money and run 🏃‍♀️

  6. Justbedone

    Barf. Lenny is an annoying, self-important, narcissistic troll. Lisa deserves far more than he is capable of giving. Get your bag and move on.


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