Damage control!

May 12, 2022

***** unfollowed k a less than 2 minutes after it was posted publicly that he does
He’s attempting damage control (for now) with instead of owning it and moving on separately


  1. Anon

    He still follows her? He has two accounts one he does one he doesn’t

  2. Hope

    Who? What?

  3. Why question mark

    Lenny still follows her. He also follows a truly wild amount of insta hoes, given his public image. Surprised Lisa hasn’t put the kibosh on that for their image.

  4. Ramona

    I hope she FINALLY divorces his ass . She deserves so much better . He gave her the lifestyle she wanted and I think she is so thankful so she puts up w a lot . Thankfully she should have some RHOM $ and feels more secure to leave . Who freaking knows but leave him Lisa !!

  5. Loser Lenny

    Lisa deserves much better, he’s creepy af (look at all of the blinds about him), unprofessional and has always been a dick to her. Remember how bad his mom was to Lisa the first seasons of Miami? Girl there’s better out there for you!

  6. NotfoolinganyoneLenny

    Still was following her when I peeped at 9pm


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