So I know someone who knows her.
She married an American guy in Italy who lives abroad… once they got back to the US she left to go to Miami for the weekend and never came home. Divorced now!
was in the German tabloids semi recently for hanging with Brody Jenner
Oh and “anon pls”


Sooo some background on this as i live in Miami and run in the same circle as all of them… the “mistress” is part of a group they call follow me network.. it’s basically a group of models that go around to big party’s and fancy trips for free and rich guys pay for it. I friend the head of the follow me network and she’s the one that gets the girls and invites them to all these events. At one point I’m sure I and the mistress were friendly because ” is alllllllways around the follow me network crew. probably just took it to the next level recently. OR this is all for a better story line for .i wouldn’t put them past that at ALL


Also had an affair with her husbands friend and regularly sells stories to Austrian tabloids. Ok now done