Right now!!!

May 11, 2022

Is the one in all the blinds bc I just left carbone MIA and pretty sure he’s there right now with someone not his wife. I couldn’t take a pic bc my husbands an investor there and would divorce me if I embarrassed him like that so I can’t 100% confirm but I am almost positiveeee
They weren’t touching but seemed kind of intimate, leaning in, talking closely to each other and she was in a tight ass dress.
Obviously that’s a flashy place so I’m hellaaaaa confused why he’d do this there, like 10min from his house ???? Also it was 6pm on a Wednesday for someone who works crazy hours??
I just looked at ‘. , stories and it’s her
sons school play. I’m so disgusted

was def **** and not to tell anyone
LOL this is me not telling anyone
Ugh I’m so sad for her what the Fuck



  1. Lauren

    I’d believe Lenny would cheat…but could this also be them trying to spark media interest in their show? He’d be so dumb to be so public about his cheating!

    • Olympia

      Florida is a no fault state and he probably has a great prenup. My ex cheated openly with several, judge said it is irrelevant.

  2. Cheating Husband Hater

    I’ll never understand these idiot RH husbands so brazenly out there cheating when they’re all very much in the public eye and will likely be spotted by anyone, not to mention secret pics/videos of their cheating will likely be covertly taken then splashed around online and elsewhere, whether they like it or not.
    Rich dirtbag husbands of the world, if you simply MUST cheat, please be smart enough to make sure your wife isn’t a featured headliner on a reality television show, for chrissakes!!


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