Affair in Dubai..

May 11, 2022

tea on one of the cast . her husband been fucking my friend regularly and keep saying how he doesn’t love her anymore and its just a facade that she is trying to portray for the pwrfect fam. he does anything for her to not find out.


either she knows and turn a blind eye or she is clueless. but i think she might have some doubt. her husband is very generous with my friend and offer her so many gifts jewelry and all… but he spend time so much more with my friend than his wife. he keeps saying how he doesn’t love her anymore

fyi my friend is a high end esclrt in dubai lol


  1. No idea


    • Linda

      Omg munaf Ali

  2. Is everyone trash

    Unbelievable how much trash is out there.

    • Nana

      Man trash!!! If those dudes want to pay pretty women for company…..oh well. If I was the wife I would be hoping for $$$ …… it’s Dubai people are only there for &$$$$$ (def not there to support women’s equality or human rights….)

  3. Maryam

    Munaf Ali
    Once a cheat cheat always a cheat Cheat. He did it to his first wife too

    Question remains why be on the show when you have a cheat cheat husband.

    Wallah better to not ruin family reputation

  4. Wallah

    Heard the same habibi

    Thought he dumped his bad habits since the show

  5. Jess

    I came back to reread this after tonight’s episode – definitely Nina


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