Orange Juice

May 10, 2022

From: Nancy Drew

Subject: Orange Juice

Spill It to Orange County’s resident detective, Meghan King, is in active talks to return to RHOC. The main issue is she doesn’t live in Orange County anymore. This could very well stop her from returning, even though producers think she is the missing ingredient. Alexis does not want to return, she’s been asked, however she wants to protect her new relationship from any negative attention. Maybe Emily and Heather can convince her. Gretchen has been asked to make guest appearances, but she wants an orange again.

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  1. MKE

    MKE the missing link? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! ? ??

  2. No thank you

    Why would they ever consider Gretchen or Alexis again. Both are awful.

    • Ah shyt

      Jesus Jugs!! Lol!!

  3. Meg

    There’s no way Gretchen would come back. She’d have to be on camera and wouldn’t be able to filter her face to her liking

  4. When Life Hands you Oranges

    I thought Meghan had a place in CA? She stayed there during the pandemic. Did she sell it?

  5. Newblood

    Bravo needs to recognize that so many of the “OGs” ran their course while still on their shows! And so many that are still on are spinning wheels with dead storylines. (Tre bringing up Caroline and Jacqueline at the reunion!?) Enough! Getting so old and boring. Just bring in new ladies.?‍♀️?

  6. OC gal

    This recycling game doesn’t work. Heather is an example of that.


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