Boyfriend stealer…

May 9, 2022

From: Sheza Home wrecker

Subject: everyone’s boyfriend of Peloton tried to hook up with

Spill It to
Anonymous if you choose to post this**** used to actively pursue my boyfriend knowing he and I were dating. They had hooked up years before but he never wanted to date her. She’d always send him flirty messages even though he never replied and even showed up at his house late at night on more than one occasion. She did the same thing to one of my best friend’s boyfriends. She had a reputation for doing shady things like this to even more.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (



  1. Pelo Fan

    We need more hints!

    • Kw

      Yeah I was thinking it was Rebecca but I don’t think it works with the visible letters.

  2. Peddling Along

    Could this be Jess King?

  3. Connor

    Rebecca K?

  4. still love JK

    Jess King! She’s mentioned a few times that Sophia is the first woman she fell in love with, and she had a rough history dating men.

  5. Happychck

    My guess is Jess King based on the letters I can make out and that she’s been highlighted on this page for announcing her pregnancy but this has to be old news considering her relationship with Sophia.

  6. It's been almost a decade if it's true

    So someone sent in a tip about Jess King, because she just announced her pregnancy, for something that happened AT LEAST 7 years ago? That’s just sad, pathetic, and gross. Jess and Sophia have been together since sometime in 2015, so all the stuff detailed in this “tip” is nearly a decade old. She’s clearly changed and moved on since then. Sad the person sending this in hasn’t.

    • Damage control

      Thanks Jess and Sophia for your comment.


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