The Peloton tea!!!

Mar 12, 2022


  1. Pelotonfanatic

    False. That was Oliver. No way Chase did this.

    • Niknak3

      That’s not true…. It was Oliver who did that.

    • Happy

      Nope. That was Oliver and if it were true every class of Chase’s would have disappeared right away. Oliver was erased from the platform instantly. This is entirely false.

      • Lisa

        I mean I don’t know. The company could choose to keep it quiet?!

      • Kayla

        Maybe this IS about Oliver it doesn’t say chase who knows lol I do think they wouldn’t make it known they’d at least try to bury it. They’ve had more bad press than good recently

    • Jan

      Why wouldn’t they try to keep it quite?! They don’t need more bad press and two of these incidents in two years

  2. BravoBravoBravo

    I find that hard to believe. A couple years ago they fired an instructor for sending d*ck pics – and his content was immediately purged.

    This isn’t the same.

  3. Pelo Chick

    Chase’s classes aren’t showing on the app so it’s possible. Same thing got Oliver scrubbed from Peloton.

    • Jodi

      Chase’s classes are there. He was moved to the bottom of the instructor list.

    • Bella

      His classes are still there. He’s just last, with Irene, when you search by instructor.

      Peloton replied to someone saying his classes were staying, outside of normal purging.


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