Allies in New Jersey …

May 9, 2022

From: Jersey Allies
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Ally’s

Spill It to Our Jersey girls are hard at work. Ahead of filming they’re all vetting the new girls. Trying to form “friendships” and ally’s. The gloves are finally off for one sister in law although the sister is trying to make crossroads her sis in law may finally have had enough. Behind the scenes the drama is going to start to flow. Expect another juicy season.

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  1. Jondasia

    Teresa and melissa

    • Henny

      Jackie goldschneider sister in-law

  2. Good for Melissa!

    Allies not ally’s.

  3. Elena

    Teresa and Melissa. But Melissa has tried it before. Old fight. They never liked each other. Melissa just had to behave for a while and suck it up til show dynamics changed…and it finally happened.

  4. LA

    NJ and BH are annoying with their obvious alliances. 😒


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