Messy in Mexico..

May 7, 2022

From: Mexico Mess

Subject: Iced Tea

Spill It to Bravoand
All of this ou stuff is making me think back 33 to my first celebrity encounter. We were in Mexico (Cabo I think) on my senior spring break trip. We went to a Mexican restaurant and within in minutes our table was surrounded by the most obnoxious frat boys ever. They were yelling and chanting and just being so rude. I looked over and recognized. cu. Later I confirmed it was him from his frat gear from his University. They were everything on the nose you’d expect from a child star who joined a frat. It was the worst. It’s old tea but it’s delicious tea.

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  1. Lisa

    Fred Savage! What a shame

  2. Where's the real tea?

    What is delicious about this tea? A guy in college acting like a college frat guy.

  3. Jen

    So glad Winnie Cooper moved on.


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