Inside scoop on Bravo weddings…..

May 7, 2022

Anon please, I can tell you I have two housewives weddings. Kim & Cynthia Bravo pays a small amount and then anything extra they have to pay. Kim used Colin Cowie and stiffed him on the bill saying it wasn’t what she wanted. We still got paid from Colin though, Cynthia’s ‘team’ nickeled & dimed us on everything and took forever to pay the bill. After that we cut ties with Bravo


  1. Jc

    Seems pretty on brand for Bravolebs to stiff/penny pinch people, while showing off their “lavish” lifestyles.

  2. Kay

    Then why didn’t Leanne Locken serve a meal ffs?! Lol

  3. Peach

    I read Cynthia say that at the time of her first wedding she was pretty broke (her first season on rhoa). She took forever to pay the wedding planner but eventually did. It’s in the HW book “Not all Diamonds and Rose”.


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