Selling love…

May 6, 2022

From: Selling More nonsense
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Another fake relationship!

Spill It to
Her newest “love interest” is the most laughable yet
but since so many people for the last two fake
relationships she really getting bold. After the reunion
airs expect them to make it public. Then expect it to
last less than six weeks

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo
and Cocktails (


  1. Jill


  2. Emily

    Chrishell duh

  3. B

    Chrishell is ridiculous. And no, I am not effing Christine – just a nobody who watches that shitshow.

    • Rae

      This screams mid-life “attention seeking” crisis

  4. Oh hey Amy

    Listening to Reality Checked on Radio Andy yesterday, Amy and her guest co-host made a great point. SS is basically a scripted reality show – same producer as The Hills, you don’t see the Oppenheim listings anywhere except on the show. Chrishell is a soap opera actress, this is all made for TV BS

    • Michelle

      Just throwing this out there: on Reddit there was a post with Zillow listings of the houses from the show and it had some of them on there as the listing agents with the Oppenheim Group so I do think it’s a real brokerage.

      • Faker

        It’s a real brokerage, heather shows up in nrds search as well and listed in that brokerage same with Jason and Brett, Chrishelle however is not 😂

  5. Pat

    I used to like her-but totally agree with this-male/female/non-binary doesn’t factor in, but how is dating a 27 year old getting her closer to starting a family?! Staying relevant seems to be her main goal

  6. Chrishell

    She is Parched 😩🤣

  7. Jj

    I don’t buy this relationship at all. It doesn’t track with the narrative of her wanting to have kids. She’s definitely getting paid!


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