Open & amicable !

May 4, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: About the living arrangement…

Spill It to Saw the post on the couple who is divorcing living together. So I know them, worked for them. It’s always been an open situation. People suspected but they weren’t 100% honest about it on the show. Knowing that it isn’t a big deal that they’re living together although they’re separated. Totally amicable.

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  1. Jester D

    I’m gonna need proof you “know them, worked for them.”

  2. Tg for prenup

    Ashley & Michael

  3. nm

    Ashley and Michael Darby

    • SC

      I live in DC and I’m in “the swinger world.” It’s a well known fact that Ashley & Michael have an open relationship. When he was “caught” cheating Ashley was only “mad” because it was embarrassing for her as she didn’t tell everyone that was their deal the whole time. Things have changed a little since kids and priorities are a little different now. Happens all the time with our swinger friends who have babies. Michael didn’t want to stop, but Ashley can’t be too mad because they had this agreement the whole time. Also, may play out to be a little exaggerated on the show. I’m not convinced they will actually get divorced.

  4. Jackie

    Ashley Darby and Michael

  5. ?

    Ashley and Michael?

  6. Bravo bravo f’ing bravo

    Or is it Katie Maloney and Tom?

  7. A

    Katie and Tom?

  8. Jen

    I thought of Katie and Tom too! But “worked for them”? That makes me think Ashley and Michael.


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