Music man off the market?!

May 4, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: Her body is a wonderland!

Spill It to
I dont really follow J**** but my sister does and shes at his concert tonight in Toronto. Right in front of her are 2 girls. One of them is **** 
S ****o the r****g girl. My sis recognized her and her friend said something about her dating John. She doesnt just have a vip pass she has a full access pass. Wouldnt think shes his type since shes over 30 lol. Looks like John is a taken man.

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  1. HBT

    John Mayer… I mean he’s 45 now so over 30 is still relatively young. Couldn’t figure out who the girl is.

    • Titsmcgee

      Too bad he’s notoriously a fuck boy so that won’t last

    • Jen

      It looks like the girl is rainbowsalt. Shes a author on instagram. He wants kids so he needs a younger wife. 30 is a normal age range for that.

  2. Lauren

    Omg Bianca Sparacino the rainbowsalt ig girl?!

    • A

      Really? How embarrassing. Her quotes are all about waiting for love that values you and then she gets with a fuckboy. When girls move their values needle for a celeb it’s not cute!

      • Puke

        Can you imagine their conversations? All enlightened and full of themselves hahaha. “When you find the you inside, you can be the you on the outside and let the you you want to be with in again.”

        “Brilliant. Let’s sing a duet”

        • NAH

          LOL thanks for the laugh. He appears somewhat intelligent but a smartass. Her stuff just reads like glorified tumblr posts from 2010. Like her story says “gentle on my mind” wtf thats a country song not some profound thing you just came up with on your own.

  3. It’s always about the pasta

    It’s definitely Bianca Sparacino, I just checked ig and he does follow her

  4. Jen

    Yep looks like the girl is rainbowsalt on insta. Girl be posting her love stuff now on stories. Cringe.

  5. Not so fast

    Insert Giant Eyeroll,

    This looks super fake – or perhaps submitted by “friend” just to start something.

    Once they say “My sister is at a concert and right in front of her is so and so, and her friend next to her said xxx” yeah – okay.

    It’s also highly possible that they are just friends and she came to see his concert while he was in town, just like his friends in NYC did, and his friends in LA did.

    • C.

      You’re right it could be fake but it seems they are at least close with each other. Usually a 45 year old man who wants to settle down isn’t getting close with random pretty girls unless he’s interested in dating them. Maybe at 30 but not 45. She also fits the description of the woman people keep spotting him with on DM.

    • AC

      Tell me this isn’t a cover up for him dating Andy ?


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