May 3, 2022

Why did the Bravo couple purchase their home in an LLC they created for that sole purpose? Well she didn’t have the funds prior to selling her house, even with that she couldn’t afford it. With all the law suits against him and his company it made more sense legally to purchase in an LLC name. When he eventually has to declare bankruptcy hopefully the LLC route protects the house. Allegedly.


  1. Steph

    Teresa & Louis

  2. Never learns

    There 15,000 Sq ft home 🤦🏻‍♀️ Reminds me of when Tre said I live in a 5 Million dollar home. You know what comes after that ….. handcuffs. Geesh a mom of 4 making such wise decisions in life

    • Twinny

      Clink clink!

  3. L

    Tre and Luis

  4. Love bubble popper

    Tre and Louis 🐀

  5. Polly Pocket

    Anyone in business, dodgy or not with half a brain would purchase under an LLC!

  6. FAAFO

    While there is nothing illegal with purchasing a home with an LLC, however IF there are any court cases that question a businesses assets and whether or not those funds were improperly used, such as “piercing the corporate veil” All liability protection for the LLC would be voided.

    • Maria

      So if they investigate his businesses and there seems to be evidence of fraud or misuse of funds they could lose protection against the house even if he files bankruptcy?


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