May 2, 2022

From: Jersey Scoop
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Desperate!

Spill It to Yes Danielle, one of the three women who is filming with RHONJ in hopes of being cast is Candice Laurita’s step-sister. Candice is Caroline’s niece so a Manzo cousin and BFF with Lauren!

Here’s the juicy part… she unfollowed Candice, Caroline, and Lauren after going to lunch w Teresa! She called saying she had nothing but respect for them apparently… But clearly, she’s desperate to be on TV. Like, her father and Candice’s mother are married. Actual step sisters! So wild

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  1. Jodie

    This is not true. Candice is Caroline’s brothers daughter. So it’s Lauren’s cousin. They say they grew as close as sisters. That should have been easy to vet. Bravo also can’t bring Danielle back because they can’t insure her, because of her history of violence. She also said Andy had a coke problem after she left.

    • Jodie

      Oops bad!

    • Trying to clear this up

      Hi Jodie…just wanted to clear this up for uo. This is stating Candice and Danielle are step sisters. Not Candice and Lauren. Also, this is not the same older Danielle from pior seasons but a younger Danielle.

    • Peopledontread

      Uhmmmm its not Danielle Staub filming its a different Danielle 😂

  2. Danielle

    Wrong Danielle. She’s talking about a girl named Danielle who is step sisters with Lauren Manzo’s cousin Candice. Younger Danielle who is step related to Manzo’s not Staub lol

  3. Over It

    If this is true. don’t even like this girl and she hasn’t even started if she unfollowed the others. It shows desperation and if you’re willing to sell out your family for fame you have issues. Also, can we get a different plot line other than people kissing Teresa’s ass?

  4. Last Year’s Versace

    Wait, is this the same Candice who co-host’s Albie’s podcast?

    • Suzy

      Yes it is

    • Ky Mama



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