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May 1, 2022

From: Not At Bravo Or CBS
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Our favorite night time show might be getting shook up… after a certain Brit has announced his exit from his long running CBS late night show it seems the king of Bravo’s name is in the running to succeed him… although right now he’s third choice behind a Modern Family mom who impressed while filling in for Kimmel and a SNL star whose best known for playing Elizabeth Warren… watch what happens on his own show as he tries to impress the TV big wigs… I wonder who’ll replace him if he leaves his club house… the Rappareport could be giving us some breaking news soon…

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  1. J

    Andy Cohen replacing James Corden.. but I don’t think I don’t believe it. That would be a good big of a network shake up.. bravo is under the same ownership as NBC. Guessing he would have to leave bravo completely (no more producing HW!!) if that happened

    • J

      **Should say I don’t think I believe it. Too early. Need coffee 😉

  2. Kay

    Michael Rapaport hosting WWHL I would be gold. I love his superfandom.

  3. Dixcgirl

    It damn well better not be Rappaport. He is much too polarizing. But…. Danny Pellegrino would be PERFECT! He’s everything Andy is, but modern.

    • Suggs85

      Omg yes!!!!!!!! He would be incredible!

    • Melissa

      Yes!! Danny was made for this role!!

  4. Titsmcgee

    God Rappaport would kill my love for Bravo

  5. Andy cohesion

    Rappaport will give me a headache. I can’t do every night of interrupting and mansplaining. This is from a fan of his too.

  6. EC10

    Danny P would be golden! I love him, hope it wouldn’t be Michael Rapp.

  7. Nope

    There’s a good reason Kevin Smith still calls that thumb of a man Michael R*PEapport, yet bravo keeps inviting him back around? The man is a racist on top of all of that.

    Keep him off my tv, kick him off the planet.

  8. Wannabe NJ Housewife

    I feel like late night comedy needs a female comedienne host. It would be terrible PR for networks for a woman to be passed over again.

    • Greater later

      I agree! I think Kate McKinnon would be awesome personally!

  9. JC

    Chrissy Teigen would be so good., she lives for housewives too

    • No


    • Hell no

      I would never watch if it’s her. She’s a mess with all of her deleted tweets

    • D

      Uh, nah!! Hard pass!! Gross

    • Mimi

      Do you follow her? She’s a terrible excuse for a human. No way!!

  10. Bravo bravo f’ing bravo

    I think Danny Pelegrino is the most likely to succeed AC


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