May 1, 2022

From: No Lies

Subject: Body like a backHOE

Spill It to See attached. Security officer deets on C… orgies

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


I was a hotel security officer that escorted **** **** to his room after a show. I communicated with his Director of Security **** after the show over text to let him know if the lobby was cleared from any foot traffic. It was around 1 am. Once I gave the green light, **** and his Security manager S came out with two females from a white van. I then escorted them up the elevator and observed **** entering one room with both ladies and his Security right down the hallway from him. His fiance wasn’t with him because I looked up pictures of her and it wasn’t a match. Believe me or not the girls left about 2 hours later. I have way more details as location room number ect. But of course I won’t put that here.



  1. Not an Orgy

    Lol that sounds like a threesome not an orgy

  2. Hu

    Obv Sam hunt

  3. True

    It’s Sam Hunt! This was a comment on a YouTube video from a while ago! I saw this comment!

  4. Smutty reader

    Is a threesome an orgy thoug?

  5. Talia

    Sam Hunt

  6. B

    Sam Cunt

  7. Tea Life

    Yes!! I remember seeing this years ago and thought it couldn’t be true. Wow the truth was there all along. His Director of security was Ron Stein. This was before he was married to Hannah. Ugh poor girl.

  8. No Scrubs

    This was Sam Hunt! I saw this somewhere a longggg time ago! Wow I forgot about this too.

  9. Nat

    Sam Hunt 👀


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