This guy is a joke!

Apr 30, 2022

From: Custody Issues Email:
Subject: Custody!
Spill It to This guy is a joke. He cheated on HER. How in the world he thinks he going to get full custody is beyond me. SO he was bold with his cheating because he knew the last thing she wanted was another divorce. He thought she’d just stick around if he apologized and promised to stop. She didn’t!
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  1. Ali

    The hell does cheating have to do with custody?

    • WYKYK

      Agree, absolutely nothing in the eyes of the court.

    • Stacy

      Who is this?

      • FlippingHusbands

        Ant Anstead and Christina Hack. I’ve never liked her. Something about her is just cringe.

  2. Kate

    How do you only spend 7 days a month with your baby?? He basically got full custody anyways. LOL this is definitely her or a friend.

  3. Codependent Hell

    Bullshit! This chick is certifiable nuts! She marries people like she’s trying a different candy every year

  4. KB

    I wish Christina would put him on blast.

  5. FlipFlop

    I must admit I was fooled by Ant and his charm. Totally thought he was the real deal for Christina! It appears he was not the best. Glad she found her man!

  6. Amy

    Christina & Ant. Idk if I believe it. Both of her ex husbands are friends and her best friend she was always with that also did her makeup unfollowed her but still follows Ant. She seems like the common denominator. She also was talking about getting high on frog stuff and she’s all over the place moving and traveling with her new husband, so it may not be a stretch he would want full custody.

  7. Mimi

    Ok Christina. Enough with the stories about Ant.

  8. Alina

    I don’t believe it. I think she is the cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

  9. Nana

    CH is the joke. You can’t go through falling madly in love 2+ times in as many years, say dumb stuff then try to smear the dude who you knew for no time before you got preggo. Just give him custody and deal.

  10. Bravo Attorney

    Attorney here. Cheating isn’t a consideration for custody. In most states cheating doesn’t matter in a divorce either.

  11. Jo

    Christina doesn’t have a great track record but ant is the worst kind of man, HE cheated and it is the worst kept secret. He is manipulating her reputation for marrying and falling in love quickly by making sure negative stories come out about her and making her the bad guy. It’s easy to do because she is a women, if some famous man had 3 quick marriages in succession he would be a hero! Ant knows how to manipulate and some fools actually believe his bull

    • Me

      It’s so frustrating watching people come down on Christina without knowing the whole story. Who cares how many times she got married? Or if she smoked toad venom. If this were Ant, not a person would be saying anything.

  12. Sorry Renee

    Let’s not forget he’s the man that has 2 other kids that live full time in the UK, he divorced & left them (after cheating) when they were young to move to LA to try to be a celebrity. Christina can marry all she wants, she’s already the better parent.


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