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Anon please. I’m hearing our newest Makeup tutorial queen is working on a makeup line. It’s very early on but it’s a passion project that she’s doing with her daughter in mind. Stay tuned.

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  1. Amber


  2. Not Jason


  3. WYKYK

    Easy enough to see that…perfect platform to extend her business and teach her daughter how to build something from the ground up.

    • Samantha

      Yes! This just makes me excited for her and Brynn.

  4. Lisa H

    Bethenny! She’s fun to watch on TikTok. Compares drug store products to expensive ones to save us money. Says “I buy it so you don’t have to”. Love her!

    • Gonna buy the whole line

      It’s B and she’s an effing genius. Her beauty TikTok’s have been so refreshing and for some odd reason I feel like my older sister is giving me advice and I trust that lol

  5. Queen B

    Bethenny and I’m not mad about it! I didn’t know I needed her makeup tutorials on TikTok so much, but here we are lol!

  6. Bryn 2 U

    Skinnygirl Makeup


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