Another day, another RHONY reboot rumor..

Apr 26, 2022


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What what I’ve been told, Eboni Williams is definitely being considered for the RHONY reboot. I know a few people on the casting team and they really want to capture a diverse New York. Casting team is literally reaching out to everyone and accepting recommendations from other known specialities.

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  1. Meg

    I kinda would love the Eboni on the reboot to tie the two shows together and I think her being with a younger crowd would bring out her fun side a little more….

    • RHONY Fan Always

      I also think she would be a nice bridge between the two casts! I personally loved Ebony and think she is absolutely stunning. I understand a lot of people found her boring, but I feel like she just had a lot of pressure on her to represent being a Black woman and especially going up against Romona. If the new cast is younger and more diverse, hopefully she won’t feel like the pressure is all on her, and we will be able to see all sides of her!

  2. Nope

    She’s too boring

  3. PysseJ

    I love Eboni!! Hope they cast her!

  4. Titsmcgee

    She’s too boring. I want lifestyle porn, drama, and friendships like OG NY and Miami

  5. Manhattan mama

    Eboni is not cut out for housewife drama. She’s better suited for a show where she could talk and educate, as she likes to do. Please start fresh w new faces!

  6. D Hynes

    Epic fail

  7. Ginaaaaaa

    So they didn’t learn their lesson from last year? Lecturing everyone is boring and does not good television make. Eboni is not hw material and anyone with eyes can see that.

  8. Preach it sistah

    This would be my biggest nightmare. She’s not suited to be a housewife. Leaver arguing and preaching on the View!

    • Liz

      I think Ebony would be great. And the cast needs to be diverse.I don’t know how Ebony kept her cool with racist idiots like Ramona Luann and Sonja. They were beyond horrible to her.

  9. NTY

    Eboni is so boring, no thanks

  10. JC

    I think she could be a good fit if she threw in some more of her dating life on the show


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