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Apr 26, 2022


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The Jersey girls are already gearing up for filming S13 in the next 3 weeks but not all contracts are official yet. Teresa, Marge, Jen & Melissa are 100% part of next season (unless Teresa ends up quitting). Dolores was supposed to be reduced to friend role, but with her new feud with Jen and becoming a fan favorite – she most likely will be given a chance again at full-time. Jackie is always a last minute decision, but she’ll most likely be back but may get edited down by the end of filming. Danielle Cabral is joining the ladies – finally getting the show into a younger demographic. The next newbie is Jenn Fessler (Marges friend) or Rachel Fuda (Melissas friend), but the decision hasn’t been made on what direction they should go in.

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  1. Byee

    That blonde didn’t work out, glad she’s leaving. I don’t even remember her name and I watched every episode so

    • Em714

      Yesssss Tracy god awful home
      Wrecking fl00zie. I’m shocked they brought her on with the world knowing that she blew
      Up tikis marriage while his wife was 8m preg. Class acts the 2 of them.

    • Tracy

      Do you mean Tracy? Yea she was boring.

    • For the love

      Come on with Teresa already. It’s uncomfortable to watch so I have to skip over all her sh*t.

    • Shore thing

      They want to go for a younger demographic, they should hire Snooki and jwow. I’d love to see more of the family home life with some of their boozy shenanigans. Imagine a square off between jwow and tre!

  2. Sinnnn

    Please fire Jackie!!!!

  3. JMC

    I liked Jackie’s anorexia storyline, I thought this was her most interesting season yet 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Tresucks

      Agree!!! She isn’t afraid to tell Teresa what’s what, her anorexia journey is really great to show people…and her hubby is hot!!!🤷‍♀️ I like her!

  4. Sara

    A blind here just a week or two ago said Teresa was being fired.

  5. Shady 30A

    Ok why are they even entertaining Teresa after this season? She just keeps getting worse and worse with every year that passes. Like we all love the drama but she is not the good kind of drama. And Dolo has always been a fan fav! She cannot be reduced to a friend of!

    • Bravobravobravo

      Fire tre keep dolo . Easy

      • No more Tre

        How can they keep her? She hates Marge, Jackie, now Melissa and I heard Delores. So her only friend is Jenn?? How can that work?

  6. BatShit Crazy

    Tired of watching a sociopath ruin the show!

  7. KY housewife

    Danielle Cabral is step-sisters with Candice Laurita…Caroline and Dina Manzo’s niece

  8. Dee

    Teresa will NEVER EVER quit …her ago won’t allow it and it’s the only income she has that fits her lavish lifestyle

    • Dee


      • HLav

        How much do you think they pay her an episode?

  9. Britt

    I mean yes Tre is a hot mess but really the storylines and drama surround her so with that being said…..she will have a job. Melissa and Jackie have normal storylines which is a good thing in their everyday lives but not for reality tv!

  10. Jon

    Rachel Fuda seems like she’s gonna be a hit next season

  11. AJ

    I don’t care if Dolores stays or goes… but pls keep Frank

  12. What am i doing here without dolores

    I cant even imagine Dolores not having a full time role??? What in the bad decisions????

  13. Joisybetch

    Rachel Fuda is also very good friends with franks girlfriend Britney. I’ve been following danielle Cabral for a few years now and I adore her. I just don’t know how she will mix with the rest of the cast

    • Anon

      I thought Frank was only sleeping with Brittany a couple years ago? Didn’t they say last season his girlfriend lived in Texas? Brittany definitely lives in Jersey. Rachel looks as fake as they come (which I’ve also heard from people who know her). Excited to see what they bring to the table though!

  14. Rhonda

    Tracy, bless her, she tried. Nope. And Frankly, Teethy Barber frightens me.
    But keep all the men (minus Louis)!

  15. pignoli_cookies

    Stop making Melissa friends a thing.
    Stop saying uou need Tre. You need her for a storyline without it the rest of the cast should be replaced for a fresh start.
    Dolores and her name man is giving me a strange vibe. I think there is going to be some interesting drama that may come to the forefront between Frank and Paul.


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