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Apr 26, 2022


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No one and I mean NO ONE would stress that much over flowers. The reason it’s a storyline for Kyle & Amanda is because they wanted to have an iconic florist do their flowers, for free (or very discounted). It happened! They had to talk a lot about flowers and obviously showcase her work but it happened lol

Their florist was Dearest Rachel, featured in HBO MAx’s Full Bloom and the winner of The Dare to Bloom Floral Design Competition. And that’s why the flowers were such a big storyline 🤣

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  1. Jk

    I was super confused by this. Because when the wedding was happening Amanda’s IG was filled w all the floral details, she had big hanging things in the tent, etc. and I KNOW that didn’t come together in 2-3 weeks. It just didn’t add up. But I feel like there’s a better way to showcase a famous florist. This way is confusing.

  2. Ally

    Makes sense to me 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. JJ

    Isn’t she also one of the newbies on winter house??

  4. Need a florist

    Kind of iffy about this. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that it is very stressful. I chose a florist in big part because of how well I connected with one of the reps and we were on the same page for what I invisioned. Then he left the company and our arrangements were not at all how I really wanted them. To say I was pissed is an understatement.

  5. JL

    They weren’t really stressing about the flowers, it was all the other stuff they were already dealing with. Plus I don’t think either Amanda or Kyle are good enough actors to cry over flowers.

  6. Amanda

    Kyle is such a boohoo baby. Why is he always pouting?

  7. Amy

    I actually feel bad for Kyle.I don’t think Amanda does her part of figuring “things” out and defers to him a lot. I think Kyle has some immaturity issues but I do think he’s carrying a big load for both of them.

    • Twe

      100% agree with you on this. I was cringing at the admittance of her dad still being in charge of all her financials. Come on now. You’re getting married. Put your big girl pants on and learn this sh*t. I don’t think its fair in this day to put it all in kyle. He physically looks stressed

      • Lala

        I think they also have gone about the prenup the wrong way. A prenup is also to protect your spouse if the business goes under, or to protect your spouse from any debt you maybe coming into the marriage with.

        • Judge Judy

          Yes! I agree with all of this. I feel bad for Kyle and I have been saying this the whole time about the prenup. She said she wants her fair share of the profit we’ll you also get fair share of the debt too!

          • Julia T

            I was thinking the same thing! He’s explaining it so poorly. I know it’s “storyline” but there’s so much focus on the profits of the business and not of Loverboy goes under it would protect Amanda

      • Hhs raiders

        She went to my high school… it’s a Hillsborough thing 😉

  8. Danielle

    I would DEF be stressed about the flowers. They make or break the decor for sure.

  9. Lisa H

    I think their biggest problem is Kyle is an alcoholic.

  10. Lvoe this

    Okay good I’m glad theyre okay!!!!

  11. Me

    Weddings are stressful. If my florist backed out 2 weeks before the wedding, I would absolutely freak out like this. Celebrity or not, attempting to find a replacement vendor two weeks before your wedding is scary, especially if you’re wedding is “in season”


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