Miami heat!

Apr 25, 2022

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From: Miami Heat

Subject: Production is pissed!

Spill It to
So I saw your post on insta about a certain Miami housewife not sharing with production that her very famous friend’s very well known ex was visiting. It was NOT filmed. Production is pissed. Miami is REAL their ladies bring it and show it all. Having this famous ex/baby daddy on RHOM would have been HUGE!!! She might think she’s Beverly Hills but she isn’t, production is not allowing any special treatment. There are tons of interesting ladies in Miami ready and willing to mention it all. She’s been warned.

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  1. Em

    Larsa and Scott

    • Mo

      Scott probably didn’t want to film. That’s not her fault if he was not comfortable with it. People hate on Larsa so much, but she is being real for not exposing the Kardashians shit

      • Lauren from Washington

        I think it could be Larsa and Kanye West or Scott Disick. She was photographed with Scott but I’m guessing it was Kanye who came to town to hang with Larsa.

    • Read Again

      But it says it was her very famous friends ex…if it was Larsa it’s just say her ex, not her friends ex.

      • Glitter

        That’s bc it’s Larsa & Scott Disick not Scottie Pipen. Famous friend would be Kourtney even though Larsa fell out with the K’s.

  2. Titsmcgee

    Good she doesn’t deserve special treatment ?

  3. JK

    Well …. He may have put the brakes on being filmed and she has no authority (nor does Bravo etc) to force him to film. I’m not a big fan of Larsa one way or the other but she may have just been stuck !!??

  4. BDKayne

    When was Kayne in Miami?

  5. Just the Tip Pip

    Wasn’t Kanye just spotted in Miami with Larsa

  6. Notlarsa’sfault

    Not her fault that the 2 possible guys we’re talking about here would never want to be on the show. She can’t force that. ?‍♀️

  7. No tippin pippin

    Lol she’d much rather be in any of the kardashians (Scott included) good graces than on the show!

  8. $5 feet pics

    I can’t stand phony Larsa but I wouldn’t want to see Kanye or Scott on the show.

  9. Stevie

    Larsa but…..Why should she make more coin for someone else (bravo) to benefit from?
    Girl needs to keep her cards close for a tell all and charge for the tea.


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