Shannon’s got things to say…

Apr 23, 2022

Do we believe this? Some of it? All of it? Sounds off in the comments!

Text from image: 
Hung out with Shannon tonight snd she told us that Emily and Gina came at her out of no where and that gene pretends it didn’t happen. Called it all bull shit And said none of them are friends Gina and Emily are fake friends for the show Also said that tamra is a total liar and she called EVERYDAY after she lost her contract and that she wouldn’t respond. She’s only friends where the money is


  1. Kate

    I definitely believe she said the things about Gina and Emily and maybe the stuff about Tamra to. It’s apparent that Emily and Gina wanted to be bffs with Heather and did everything in their power to make that happen.

  2. Hayley

    Don’t believe it at all!

    • T

      Agreed… don’t believe any of it!

  3. Julie

    Don’t believe it. If Shannon sees this, (She definitely will) she’ll know exactly who sent this in. Unless it is true and whoever wrote this is just a complete moron and doesn’t realize that or she/he does and just doesn’t care. But it doesn’t sound like something Shannon would say. Not buying it.

  4. JLW

    I fully believe it! All the housewives are triflin ass hoes 🤣

  5. Delllllusional

    I believe that Shannon believes this in her distorted version of reality. That doesn’t make it the truth at all.

  6. Karen

    Shannon has not commented on Tamra at all.
    Gina & Emily zeroes on her from the start and so did Heather
    Who’s Gene? Gina maybe?

  7. I call BS

    If “none of them are friends” and are only friends for the show, whyyyy would Shannon tell Gina and Emily anything and get mad they didn’t keep it a secret? If it’s all for show, there’s nothing to be mad about.

  8. Karlee

    Not true. I know someone who is good friends with Gina and she and Emily are real friends. They hang out all the time outside or the show. Shannon just wants a pitty party for herself.

  9. Ocgal

    Not sure about the emily and gina part but 1000% believe the Tamara part. She is lost now that she isn’t on the show and nobody misses her.

  10. To a Tea

    I am curious as to why Gina is even on the show. She has no money and even less class. She is starting to become a “mean girl” in order to detract from her lack of storyline. Can she please leave already???


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