Odd timing for a lawsuit…

Apr 21, 2022

From: Anon Anon
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Odd timing for a lawsuit….

Spill It to Bravoand Cocktails.com: Odd timing for Faith to sue Lala considering Faith just wrapped up filming her scenes for Randall’s new movie Wire Room!

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  1. karllllll

    faith has been shady since day 1
    ya jax wasnt the best guy but she knew what she was doing just like now

    • Yunith

      Stassi is the poor little victim 🙄🤥🤥

  2. Seattle

    Seems super sketchy with the “alleged “ knife attack when there’s speculation if VPR is even coming back considering they usually start filming soonish🧐

    • TX

      Stassi confirmed the event happened in a recording of The Bitch Bible podcast. Don’t get me wrong, the timing of the suit is sus but I don’t doubt that the event happened.

  3. Lyn@yahoo.com

    Why are we suing 4 years later? Same with Stassi, why so many years later?

  4. Pinky

    it’s just so funny to imagine Lauren from Utah yielding a knife. I kinda wish she’d f’ed around and found out.

  5. Over it

    Faith is trying to get that 15 minutes of fame back.

  6. Karen

    Knew there was a reason she did this now.

  7. Ally

    Why all the years later? Why working after Randall? Also I’d assume this would be attempted assault on high in CA the statue of limitations is one year for simple and three for felony. So idk wtf she is trying to do here.

    • Jo

      She is trying to get some sort of case that involves violence on Lala. Randall can then stand up in court and use that against her in respects to Ocean living arrangements.


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